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  1. katielou

    End Stage Dementia: Feeding Tubes

    Just went through this with my MIL who also had LBD. My husband is a nurse and 100% opted for no tube. She was given pain mess and was gone in a week. If you or your mom need to chat with anyone about it my husband is available for you.
  2. katielou

    Secret Santa Reveal

    Awesome I'm so glad!
  3. katielou

    Secret Santa Reveal

    Forget the second box i squeezed it all into one!!
  4. katielou

    2015 Secret Santa Wishlist Thread

    Dog's Name: Abe Dog's Breed: Aussie Collar Size: 18" Favourite Treat: soft things or crunchy he tends to ignore fruity things. Favourite Toy: he's not a toy boy but he loves blankies Treats they cannot have: nothing from china Toys they won't use: most Anything else!: Abe is pretty...
  5. katielou

    Official 2015 Secret Santa Sign-Up Thread!

    We're in!!!!!!
  6. katielou

    What is on your Bucketlist

    Live life well!
  7. katielou

    At what age did you learn to ride a bicycle?

    3. I'm from a cycling family.
  8. katielou

    Skin Care Routine

    I'm kind of obsessed with taking care of my skin lol Do some research on the st Ives. The scrubs are pretty bad for you skin because they cause micro tears. Anyway in the evening I cleanse with an oil cleanser. I have a few that I like. You just have to find one that works for you. then...
  9. katielou

    What would have you named your dog?

    Abe was named Aberdeen before we got him. I hated that and settled for Abe which I now think suits him perfectly! Fig was Emma and I wanted to name her after my favorite Disney character Figment and it was shortened over time to fig. I probably would have named Abe something weird given the chance
  10. katielou

    Luxating patella sx

    I am in the same position with Zooey only she's 13 now but still crazy active. I've been managing with swimming and pain meds. Keeping her active is the only thing that's helping weirdly.
  11. katielou

    How do you dispose of grease/oil when cooking?

    Save it in a can. Heat Add seeds and mealworms Instant fat ball for birds
  12. katielou

    Vanillasugar/nilly update?

    :( I'm not sure what we can do to help but I know that if we could get the funeral home to take fingerprints maybe we could all go in for a thumbie or two (I'd be willing to do it for cost) for when carter grows up
  13. katielou

    Zander...Feb. 14th 2005 - Jan. 18th 2015

    So very sorry. Zander has always had a spot in my heart, beautiful boy.
  14. katielou

    Official 2014 Secret Santa Sign-Up Thread!

    I've purchased extras if we need to put something together
  15. katielou

    Official 2014 Secret Santa Sign-Up Thread!

    Mine says it will be there Friday.
  16. katielou

    I resolve ....

    Be thankful every day for something no matter how small. Life's short.
  17. katielou

    Official 2014 Secret Santa Sign-Up Thread!

    Mine came back to me again so I've had the post office do it themselves this time instead of doing it online. I'm so tired of paying for postage
  18. katielou

    How does your dog feel about their breed?

    Abe is pretty sure he is a cat Zooey knows she is a human And fig is confused.
  19. katielou

    my dog caricatures and paintings! :D

    I am so excited for my landscape!
  20. katielou

    Tshirt designer? Help!

    So I need a design on a tshirt made for my graduating class. Anyone know of anyone that can do that? Hook me up y'all!