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  1. grab01

    I might be making leashes

    Two of the boys have kangaroo braid tag collars and they're splendid. Very soft and sturdy. I'd think that, if priced right, they'd sell very well.
  2. grab01

    Breast-Feeding Doll

    It doesn't offend me/make me uncomfortable when women breastfeed in public. We have two breastfeeding doctors at work, so it's quite a part of my day by this point. Someone is always feeding, leaving to feed, or going to a private place to pump... That said, when I have my own child, I...
  3. grab01

    Oh boy.

    I had my appendix out and was able to eat jello type things that evening. When I had my tonsils out I was able to eat that evening as well. I've never been nauseated from anesthesia or pain meds, but everyone is different in that respect
  4. grab01

    What to Ask the Vet

    The allergy test can really help pinpoint things. Food allergies are quite common, but so are environmental allergies. I went through years of allergy issues, food changes, etc with my late Chow, only to discover that he was allergic to most types of grasses, weeds, and the tree that was in my...
  5. grab01

    The art of racing in the rain.

    I really enjoyed it:) I read it on a plane trip
  6. grab01

    What breeds do you want?

    Always at least one (preferably two:p) Chows. And we like Dogue de Bordeauxs and standard Poodles as well. Little dog wise, we'll probably always stick with an adopted poodle/poodle mix. But, we really like the Brussels Griffon as well (smooth coat). The theme seems to be poodles and chows:p
  7. grab01

    Collar Issues

    Already having Cockers, you've probably already checked, but he doesn't have an inner ear infection does he? That strong of a reaction to the collar seems to point to something unpleasant
  8. grab01

    How do people DO this?

    It really doesn't seem that suspicious to me. I've seen dogs dumped with collars on, but never their tags. It's just too easy to find an owner. My guess is, as others have said, someone found the dog and put it in the park to contain it. The ball may already have been there, our dog park is...
  9. grab01

    Need Help/Advice. Urgent

    yep, do see if she perhaps wandered out of someone's yard. If she doesn't seem to show outright pain (and most puppies are pretty vocal about that) it would seem to me it's a longer standing issue..perhaps something she was born with. If no owners come forward in a week or so, she should be...
  10. grab01

    Red eye with discharge

    I, too, would have him seen. Green discharge is usually something icky. My late Legend had an eye ulcer from a scratch and it took ages (and two surgeries) to clear up. I was worried for a bit that he'd lose his eye. We actually didn't put off having him looked at, but I'm even more cautious...
  11. grab01

    How do people DO this?

    If he had a rabies tag and license, it won't be hard for the shelter to find the owner.
  12. grab01

    How Many Have Rescued

    Grimm, 10 month old Shih Tzu/mystery terrier muppet dog. Adopted from the vet clinic I work at. and before I joined, but my elfles (12 year old Poodle/Chihuahua cross) was adopted from the same vet clinic:)
  13. grab01

    Anyone want to play the guessing game?

    His face looks very Akita to me, not so much Canaan Dog. He's a very handsome boy:) I don't take much stock in the DNA tests..the three dogs I've personally seen do it have come back with some odd results. (they used the blood test) A lab/pointer type looking dog came back as being a...
  14. grab01

    *bangs head against desk*

    uh oh, I have Chows AND terriers..I'd better get sterilized right now;)
  15. grab01

    My lord this is annoying

    I've been trying to get an appointment with a doctor for a week now. I'll be a new patient, so when you call as a new patient wanting to set up an appointment, you have to leave a message and they'll call you back when they get a chance. (no talking to humans for we new patient minions:p)...
  16. grab01

    Dog Breed Guesses

    both Dachshunds and Chihuahuas can have blue eyes I definitely see Doxie and perhaps some Basset (the what appears to be thicker bone, the lemon color on the his expression in the first pic reminds me of my late Basset girl) and probably a third breed thrown in. He's a handsome...
  17. grab01

    E collar HELP!!!

    you can get inflatable doughnut looking collars at Petco..I'm sure Petsmart has them as well. There are soft e-collars as well..the vet I work at carries them..they're blue and made of a sturdy material. Here's a pic of a collar that resembles it...
  18. grab01

    Sigh... girl stuff

    I take Ovcon 50. My previous doctor wrote it so I could take it constantly. I am in a new state now, though, so have to find a new doctor. Not all doctors want to write the prescription that way. I can always just skip the week on my own though.
  19. grab01

    Dont put your puppy in a cargo hold!!!

    I picked up Aesop in person. However, before I even arrived on the property to meet the pups, I was aware of his breeder's goals in breeding, his socialization methods, details about the pups' personalities, and what health testing both parents had. I was easily able to double check the health...
  20. grab01

    Sigh... girl stuff

    I have to take a high dose pill (one of the highest, I think)to control said issue. I've tried low dose, the pills that are the same dose every day (no off week) etc. This is the only one that's worked for me. If I'm off the pill I have a constant issue with no end in sight, which is...