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    Sawyer and Starbuck

    Aww precious!
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    Re Intro

    Good to see ya Breeze! Pup is adorable!
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    Dekka turned 10 today (bazillion pic warning)

    Happy Birthday Dekka! I cannot believe you are ten, you don't look a day over 5. :) It has been a pleasure watching you grow up through the years.
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    What are you currently playing?

    WOW-WOD, finally a day we could play
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    Honeymoon ideas

    We did Jamaica and loved it, but I'm a hotel, not tent, kinda girl. :)
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    Galaxy S4 vs iphone

    I have the I phone 5s. I'm happy with it. I had the Iphone 4s previously and liked it, and a droid before that which I hated. I considered the galaxy when I upgraded last month, but decided to stay with the iphone. Pretty much everyone in our family has an I phone and facetalk is so nice to...
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    The rule no 10

    Welcome to Chaz. I hope you enjoy being part of our forum.
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    Phone Plans!

    Just got the I phone 5s, I'm happy with it, but I liked my 4s so I guess I'm pretty much an I phone person. Hubby switched from his droid to a I phone 5c a few months ago. He likes the I phone much better. We have had Verizon's unlimited share plan for a few years and it has worked out well...
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    If you had to pick one of these cities...

    I think you would like Austin. Upscale, upbeat, lots of young professionals and very artistic community.
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    Meditation... ftw.

    I have just started to learn about meditating. I have also been checking into EFT-tapping. I seem to be better at the eft, as I start to get into meditation then get worried I may not be able to come out of it. :( How do you bring yourself out of it once you are in? Coop try the Silva...
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    Barefoot running lawsuits - no benefits shown.

    Restored and open. :)
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    Hi folks

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you find it helpful.
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    The Good News thread

    Keith bought me a new kindle fire hd 8.9". I am loving it. I have been downloading books to read like crazy. :) So exciting, I forgot how much I love read. The best part, it can read them for me.
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    Fish oil

    I can't take any fish oil as they all contain soy. I use walnut oil instead. Same benefits without any fishy problems, no mercury, and it is wonderful for skin.
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    NOLU!!!!! my hunny bunny. It has been ages. How have you been? I just lurked for awhile after I lost Brutus, didn't feel much like talking. :( We need to catch up one day. I miss talking to you. Getting faster at captcha now. :)
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    We have already discussed that option. :) Unfortunately, we are dealing with the same problems you are. I've had the pleasure of numbers on top of numbers, letters that must be part of an alien alphabet, cause I sure don't recognize them, and fuzzy wuzzies that look like they came from my...