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  1. eddieq


    Xena, the best dog a person could ask for crossed the rainbow bridge on 1 November 2022. Born 2 March 2007, she lived 15 years, 8 months full of love and joy. Rest well, run pain free, and I'll see you later baby girl. It's ok, baby.
  2. eddieq

    Accidentally killed bro's pet. Should I lie about it?

    Come clean. The betrayal of trying to hide it will be worse.
  3. eddieq

    What happened to the "old Chaz"?

    I have not seen Renee post on Chaz in quite some time. I see her on facebook and she is alive and well.
  4. eddieq

    What happened to the "old Chaz"?

    The site has been sold a couple of times. When it was purchased this last time, the new owner did some upgrades, which were much needed.
  5. eddieq

    New look

    Some of you may notice that you have a number next to your occupation. I'm not sure what that number is, but it's probably a database field for "number of kids" or "number of pets" from before. Check your profiles :)
  6. eddieq

    New look

    Dragging us kicking into the 21st century :cool:
  7. eddieq

    Happy Birthday Xena!

    9 years young for my cutie pie puppy wuppy doggy woggy with ears that go flippity floppity. Xena for short After all of this time, she still hates having her picture taken Obligatory puppy shot
  8. eddieq

    Need advice: I think my doctor violated HIPAA laws

    Caveat: I'm not a lawyer It doesn't sound like a HIPPA violation. He may be in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, though. And in more layman's terms...
  9. eddieq

    truck repair question

    Most of your chain auto stores will test them for free. Not sure if you have an autozone in your area, but they just sell parts, not the service, so they have no axe to grind on selling you to install an alternator versus a battery. And it's unfortunate that garages still take advantage of...
  10. eddieq

    Everyone on East Coast okay from Snowzilla?

    I easily had two feet out there. Then with the wind, we had drifts over 4 feet. I dug out my driveway with my snowblower and helped most of the neighbors clear the six feet of 3 foot deep packed crap from the plows at the end of the driveways. We're safe and warm, popping tylenol and relaxing...
  11. eddieq

    Snapshot from your day

    Lazy New Years morning. She was up all night with me tending to the smoker.
  12. eddieq

    Secret Santa Reveal

    Glad the gifts are starting to arrive. Sticky for this thread as well :)
  13. eddieq

    Compact Camera Recommendations

    I got my daughter this camera last Christmas She has taken indoor, outdoor, action and stills with it and seems to take great shots. Fortunately, I got a square trade warranty on it as well...
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    Welcome to the board! Sorry about the "moderation" on your posts. We have that in place to curb the spambots. Once you reach 10 posts, an automated process will fire overnight to "promote" you to a community member. In the mean-time, please be patient with the mods and we'll roll through as...
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    The Venting Thread

  16. eddieq

    Our Good bye to Nilly

    My opinion is that it can be anyplace. I'll let it be for now. We have a bunch of stickies here, but some are "seasonal" and will go away after Christmas. Thanks guys and above all... We Miss You Nilly!!!!
  17. eddieq

    The Venting Thread

    Hey, look! Panda's falling down
  18. eddieq

    Our Good bye to Nilly

    Trying to do some cleanup - are there any objections to this going to "buried bones"?
  19. eddieq

    The Venting Thread

    My daughter texted me from the bus stop that a cat was hit by a car by the stop. I got there and it was too late. No tags or collar. I took her and went out and burried her. Not a great start to my day.
  20. eddieq

    The Venting Thread

    AHHHHHH! ****ity **** ****. **** **** **** **** ****sucker mother****er **** fart turd and ****!