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    CAT LOVERS UNITE!!! My own forum.

    here are my kittens
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    fav breed of dog to own

    german shepherd love them!!
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    Uploading pictures?

    i can't upload mine at all for some reason
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    My Wolf Site

    Great site you had some awesome photos! I ADORE wolves, our local petting zoo had couple awhile back and i spent HRS just watching them, you couldn't pet them but watching was just as good, i love them i want to find some decent framed pics and put them in my house
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    Nasty rainy weather

    man is ever coming down right now. Took my dogs outside, and boy were we all soaked by the time we came in, what's your weather like right now?
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    Joke for you!

    to brighten your dayWhy, Why, Why ? Why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are getting weak? Why do banks charge a fee on "insufficient funds" when they know there is not enough? Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but...
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    Dream Pets

    Kase wow i love that face lol almost as much as i do my minis
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    Help me to understand....

    I had a rescue dog he passed from old age last yr but he WAS THE BEST, great with kids and other animals, only barked if something was wrong, HATED to be inside though tried many time to make him into a inside dog and never could, his FAVORITE thing in the world to do was get hooked up to a...
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    CAT LOVERS UNITE!!! My own forum.

    I have 5 in my house, i have an adorable tabby that is pretty independant until you go to the bathroom for ANY reason then he demands attention right now lol:rolleyes:
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    Smelly ears, scratching=ear mites?

    My big boy had an ear infection, took him to the vet and was cleared totally within a week
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    Help!! Need advice on a irritating gsd prob

    LOL love when puppies of different sizes get together and play
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    What is your career?

    [B][[I]i was a buisness to business sales person, till i got sick now i'm a stay at home mom again
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    what is your fav breed and why?

    Mine is a gsd, i love the look the personality, everything. I think the biggest reason is because i grew up with them my parents raised them and it's both my mom and dad's favorite was great growing up in a house full of shepherds, i believe my very first dog was either a shepherd...
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    Help!! Need advice on a irritating gsd prob

    thanks guys for all the wonderful advise keep it coming any and all will help
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    How may pets does everyone have?

    I forgot my two minis, they are boarded but still are mine
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    Help!! Need advice on a irritating gsd prob

    ok that's what i've been doing, she is a strange dog!!! She will go outside and pee and come in the house and poo, I have been really working with her to get her to quit that, but it's a slow process
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    Dream Pets

    I'd like to own a ferret again, hubby had one i really enjoyed
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    Poisoness Snakes

    to be honest i feel this way about ALL snakes EWWWWWW i just can't stand them, i know all the reasons that they are good and stuff like that but stilll EWWWWWW!!! Can't stand them nope nope nope:o
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    Help me to understand....

    i have both and i love both, i guess, my reasoning for getting purebreds was i know what IN THEORY lol the pures are supposed to look like, but i love mutts as well, of all my pups only two are pure
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    Help!! Need advice on a irritating gsd prob

    My 1 yr old german shepherd female plays waaaay to rough with the other i took her out then tootsie my 6 month old and Alexis ran up to tootsie grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and flung her, then kept going she never drew blood and her tail was wagging, but it's too rough what...