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    Puppy Food? What do I feed?

    Chicken soup is 28% protein in the puppy formula, which is not too high and definitely not as high as Orijen which is 40%, like the previous poster mentioned.
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    Puppy Food? What do I feed?

    Chicken Soup for the dog lover's soul has a puppy formula that is holistic and natural and does not have corn, I would recommend it. they have wet and dry formulas too.
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    would you microchip your dog?

    Do any of you microchip your dog?? I didn't think it was a very common practice -- but this article says that 3,567,715 pets have been chipped! I had no idea it was that common. What do you guys think?
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    Store brand dog foods.

    yeah they're pretty affordable compared to other store brands . the wet formulas are here: Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul : Products : Dogs : Canned Food
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    Rainy Days and the effects

    love the colors of the plant in the last picture- gorgeous!
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    Halloween Came Early

    ha that is a little freaky...
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    Pictures!!!! new camera!

    2nd picture from the top, where he's looking up at you is adorable!
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    Store brand dog foods.

    how about Chicken soup for the dog lover's soul? It's all natural and made with fresh ingredients. And they have dry and wet formulas. anyone tried it out?
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    The best dry dog food I've found so far

    never heard of it, but thanks for the info. I've been feeding Taste of the Wild and haven't had any problems, so I don't see a change coming soon. But good to know.
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    Negative affects of feeding wet vs dry?

    the theory behind dry food and dental health is that the crunchy and hard texture of kibbles can help to scrape some plaque off of teeth, where with wet food you don't get this benefit. I've fed wet foods to my dog and it's difficult to go back to kibble because they get picky.
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    Need Some Food Advice. . .

    does your dog vomit ever? Some options you could try to see if it's a problem with dry foods, or just certain foods is to buy another dry food kibble and feed it, then feed raw and see if that causes a problem as well. For dry food I would suggest Taste of the Wild, since my dog has never had...
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    Still Feeding Canidae?

    there are a lot of pet owners who rotate their foods without problems...other than the occasional runny poo. I don't see why there would be a problem with switching foods. Generally where dogs run into problems is with allergies, but if you stick with a good grain-free food there shouldn't be...
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    EVO no more

    I'm also on TOTW. It's been working well for my dog. Their protein levels vary for each formula. Pacific Stream has the lower protein level at 25%, but the other two formulas are about 32% which is a little higher than most foods I've seen.
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    Diamand Naturals

    Like the earlier poster said...Diamond recall was a long time ago. I'm also feeding Taste of the Wild and my dog hasn't done better.
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    Good kibble?

    The Diamond recall was for one specific food, and it was a long time ago. I've been feeding Taste of the Wild for months now with no problems. I would recommend sticking with grain-free foods..and foods that have meat as the top 5 ingredient. Taste of the Wild fits the bill, so I feed...
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    "12 Puppy days Til Christmas ... "

    is anyone doing stocking stuffers for their dogs? I was thinking maybe filling one with healthy stuff like Bright Bites dental treats (which he'll think are regular treats anyways:p)
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    Do you think dog health insurance is a good idea?

    If you take preventative measures with your dog, you can reduce a lot of the vet bills down the road, and so you won't need health insurance most likely. Health insurance is most important for older dogs, but as long as you take care of your dog early on, you can prevent most of their later...
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    Breed specific foods.............huh?

    my pit bull has tried them all. He hasn't really had digestive issues with most of them. He did throw up a few times on Nutro, but other than that he hasn't really had problems. But he has had allergy problems with a few of the foods. Right now he's on Taste of the Wild and hasn't had any...
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    Husky - not interested in dog food

    You could try feeding him several small bags of different foods and see which ones he likes. Before I switched my dog to Taste of the Wild, I used a 5lb bag as a tester, and he loved I went out and bought the big bag. Before I switched him to TOTW he was on Nutro, and I noticed he had...
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    Which way would you feed?

    I haven't used Evo, but I know Taste of the Wild's High Prarie Canine Formula is good. It's grain-free and has roasted bison and venison. It's worked well with my dog. As for mixing with "cheaper" foods, I wouldn't recommend feeding your dog cheaper foods since they're generally lower...