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    Post Pictures of your Dogs as Puppies

    New German Shepherd puppy Introducing Gracie! She's a hand full, for sure! Gracie and LuLu. Lu tolerates her pretty well for an ol' gal. KiKi the psycho Brat cat plays with Gracie...amazingly so!
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    The most favorite picture of your dog EVER

    Missy Missy LOVED the snow! Would run through it like a mad dog, and throw it around with her snout. The last picture taken of Missy end of June...with my GrandBoy.
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    The most favorite picture of your dog EVER

    LuLu and Lunch LuLu and my former chicken...Lunch. No...Lu didn't eat a matter of fact, she was really good to them.
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    Howdy again...

    Not sure what I did wrong the first time I wrote and thought I posted our intro, goes again :) My name's Cindy, and I'm honored to have LuLu (yellow lab...mix?), and KiKi (tortoise shell kitty). LuLu was a rescue, and I've had her for about 10 years or so. She's somewhere...
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    Your Dogs Name: Why You Chose The Dog Name You Did

    LuLu Lu has golden eyes with brown my Grandmother. Well...Gran's first name was Florence, and I couldn't bring myself to name her that. Her middle name began with given name begins with Lu...and Mom's middle name begins with became LuLu. Her rescue name was...