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  1. noludoru

    Wilson & Piper testing out the new Ella's Lead vegan collar!

    Chain martingales aren't dangerous or painful at all. They save wear and tear on the collar so that your collar will last longer. ANY collar can be dangerous if you leave it on a dog in a crate, please don't do that!
  2. noludoru

    Any clue what this could be on my chin?

    Allergic reaction of some sort?
  3. noludoru

    Sawyer and Starbuck

    Thanks everyone!
  4. noludoru

    Sawyer and Starbuck

    Image by noludoru posted May 5, 2016 at 11:33 AM Testing on mobile. It's easy if you upload multiple photos before making a thread. iPhone 6 here.
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  6. noludoru

    Has anyone else fed their dog crickets?

    She's definitely eaten them, but not in a processed form.
  7. noludoru

    Just One

    The HELL she isn't! Haha. I like her so much more now, as a teen, than I did as a puppy. We communicate more effectively, actually have a bond, and I can just let her be a dog without being within touching distance to keep her from getting into things. This is true. There's a point where I'd...
  8. noludoru

    Just One

    Starbuck is growing up. StarbuckWall by noludoru, on Flickr
  9. noludoru

    Breeders and Registered Names

    Weird. So weird! I had to include both registered kennel names and there was a theme - "Lucky." I couldn't find anything I liked that was BSG-related, so I let her daughter name Starbuck- Fidelis n Wingate's Lucky Charm.
  10. noludoru

    Service dog networking/community

    Go cause some drama. Cesar Milan is always a big one. I bet you can get a CM thread to 4 pages in a day. Everyone will know you. Alternatively? Get on the many Facebook pages. Post more than once a month. Share pictures. Um, tell us your first name? (Pro-tip: give these weirdos a fake one...
  11. noludoru

    The Venting Thread

    I read this aloud at the dmv to my friend. People now think we're nut jobs. They're not wrong...
  12. noludoru

    The Venting Thread

    I just have to. It's still so relevant.
  13. noludoru

    The Venting Thread

    This wasn't with a chazzer. It's so funny that anyone can enjoy it. Good, clean hangover. I mean fun. Here's your sound track: So the 3-4 posts with numbers and statistics and actual documentation to prove your comments wrong weren't good...
  14. noludoru

    How many chazzers have you met?

    skittledoo Cristy F 96GTS RedHotDobe Lilavati Caliterp PWCorgi Dekka MafiaPrincess Zoom Nechochwen ThatCrazyGroomer Beanie SizzleDog NoodleRubyAllie Renee Allie Paviche 15+? I.. uh.. think that's it? Sorry if I missed anyone. Can I add in the ones I've racked up long...
  15. noludoru

    The Venting Thread

    Venting Thread Drinking Game: 1. Take a shot for every time you laugh at something ridiculous, homophobic, racist, xenophobic, bigoted, hateful, threatening, ignorant, body-shaming, or plain ol' inflammatory - as long as it makes you laugh out loud. 2. Take half a shot a shot at any...
  16. noludoru

    Service dog networking/community

    STOP SHARING OUR SECRETS WITH THE PLEBES Also you guys awe awesome. I want to see a Syl/Kobe mix.
  17. noludoru

    Our Good bye to Nilly

    I think we all love her and are still sending good thoughts to her family no matter where this thread is.
  18. noludoru

    More cloudy solitary cottonball

    WHOAH. I love how he practically glows in those. Is that him or your editing? Awesome pics btw - sounds like a fun day.
  19. noludoru

    Service dog networking/community

    (The chaz clique hates you, Kendall. Just FYI. We all hate you. Lots.) 1. You aren't worthless. That's like a 0 on the -10 to 10 scale. 2. Please no more dogs. No more. I know you will ignore that and go on to inquire with breeders and clubs about more dogs (or create more BYB...
  20. noludoru

    Impromptu Colorado Trip Advice

    It's sooo pretty! Amazing views of downtown Denver. You're maybe 30 minutes from Denver and 10 minutes from downtown Golden, which are both great places to eat and hang out. AVOID the cool, western-looking coffee shop in Golden. They spend more on decor than ingredients. It's pretty but that's...