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  1. Hillside

    The musing thread

    Now I'm musing on who Saurus' celebrity is...
  2. Hillside

    Furniture: rules or no?

    I'm with Linds, we have a distinct "No getting off the bed" rule, or the couch if we are napping. Both of them are pretty into cuddling, so that rule doesn't get broken very often. Saga especially doesn't break it in the winter because she needs to steal ALL THE WARMS. Other than that the only...
  3. Hillside

    A baby Puppinois (Mal puppy)

    SQUEE!!!! I LOVE Ginger. And Orcan is a SUPER nice dog. I got "tortured" with puppy pictures this past weekend at Nationals, I'm totally jealous. And OOOH! You will get to come hang out with us crazy brown dog people!
  4. Hillside

    What colors do you like...

    Nico is a leaf green or a neon-y bright green. Saga is a rose pink or lavender. You'd think since my favorite color is red that I'd put it on my dogs, but I HATE them in red.
  5. Hillside

    Current Pet Wants v. Christmas

    Hmmm, what DO I want... You can never have too many Gappay balls on a rope. I REALLY want a 33 foot long bright green biothane line for tracking. Anything Malinois themed. Decals, shirts, etc. Any Michael Ellis video. A bungee handled tug would be AWESOME.'I've heard great things about...
  6. Hillside

    Midwest People Okay?

    From everything I saw when I got home and Sizzle's post, everything in Des Moines was fine. *I* was coming back from the Malinois IPO nationals in Illinois though. That was quite the wind and rain! We pulled over under an underpass for a while to wait it out.
  7. Hillside

    Training Bags

    I use a canvas tool bag currently. It has several pockets inside and out. I really like the fact that it has a rigid plastic bottom so that moisture from the ground doesn't seep into the bag and get my stuff wet. I paid like 20 bucks for it at Walmart. Canvas tackle boxes are also a...
  8. Hillside

    Does your dog look like it's gender?

    Saga is very girly looking. She does occasionally get called a boy though because all Dobermans are male, of course. She acts like a prissy girl, too. Nico is um, kind of bitchy looking. He's not built much like a male and to top it off, he has an embarrassingly small manpart, so a quick...
  9. Hillside

    Need prayers. Beau is missing

    Oh Laur, I'm sending all the "Beau get home safe vibes" I can.
  10. Hillside

    How to tell someone thier dog is too skinny...

    Especially super high energy breeds that tend towards lanky in their teenage phase to begin with. Nico weighed 42 pounds when I brought him home at 13 months. He was in a kennel and just didn't stop moving, ever. He was eating 6 cups of food a day, but none of it was sticking. If only I...
  11. Hillside

    Dog daycare/boarding/groomers/trainers

    I know there are a decent amount of us here on this forum, and I thought this would be a good place to swap tips and tricks of the trade. Whether it is a policy your current place has or one you WISH they had, let's hear it. I am currently the general manager/trainer at a dog...
  12. Hillside

    The Venting Thread

    I'm not having any vision problems, it's just red, off to the side. It has been thoroughly looked at by my Dr friend and he doesn't recommend that I take any further action unless something changes.
  13. Hillside

    The Venting Thread

    Thanks. I'm totally bummed out right now. I had a really good time on Saturday and frankly, it's a little odd that I am this bummed out by it. I've been able to blow off far bigger disappointments far easier. I guess maybe I really did like the dude and maybe thought that there might be a chance...
  14. Hillside


    People go to Duluth? I just looked up that seminar. Of COURSE none of it is IPO focused, it's Duluth. LOL. I'm pondering auditing the Drives seminar now though. "Yes family, I am TOTALLY up here to see you, except I have to go do this dog thing now..."
  15. Hillside

    The Venting Thread

    I had a totally awesome, totally sweet make out session on Saturday with a guy that I have had a crush on for a while. I've known him and hung out in the same circles for the last several years. Our mutual attraction/rapport is well known enough. To the point where his friends will start...
  16. Hillside

    Group Photo

    He couldn't even put his ear up for the occasion? *sigh* Puppies. :rofl1: Lookin good!
  17. Hillside

    Best Foods at Petco

    At Petco, I would go for the Merrick, definitely.
  18. Hillside

    Total Noob Camera

    What is your budget? I have a Fuji Finepix that takes pretty decent pictures and it kind of acts like a wanna be DSLR. It's considered an "ultra zoom" type. They are considered a bridge camera between a point and shoot and a DSLR. It looks like a small DSLR. I was quite pleased with the...
  19. Hillside

    2013 Secret Santa WishList!

    Dog's Name: Saga Dog's Breed: Doberman Collar Size: 14.5 and no chrome hardware. 1 inch thick to 1.5 inches. If leather is involved, I prefer black. Favourite Treat: SALMON! She goes crazy over stinky salmon treats. Favourite Toy: Latex squeaky toys/Nylabones, she won't really play with...
  20. Hillside

    Mal Vs Dutchie

    ^What she said. I like it when Adrianne gets to a thread before me, then I don't have to post anything. :rofl1: