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    Beach Pictures at Sunset/Dusk

    Glad you've been enjoying them. You've got some great results, loved this set. Very eager to see more! :)
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    A family run!

    That last group shot, gorgeous. Your dogs are clearly very well trained! Love the backdrop too, so nice.
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    Beach Pictures at Sunset/Dusk

    omg, and this one! So pretty.
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    Beach Pictures at Sunset/Dusk

    wow, gorgeous photos Grace. Especially the one of Trent sitting on the beach with the reflection, amazing. I see you're getting better & better at this photography malarkey :)
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    Finnish Spitz Boys

    Awww! They are adorable. I've never seen little Finnish Spitz pups before! I love the picture of the pup in the crate, love the make-shift house :)
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    She's so adorable.
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    My Children

    I actually love your dogs.
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    Vizsla love

    that third photo is so lovely, my favourite! Great photography! And she's gorgeous.
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    A variety of pics - snow and sand and balls.

    How cute are these two!! Lovely photos. Fred suits that bandana!
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    Long Overdue Matisse Photoshoot!

    Thanks everyone :) Thanks a lot :) He's a mongrel really - I can't be entirely sure on his breed(s) as I got him from a shelter and staff there only saw the mother, which they described as a "small collie." I definitely believe there's some Tibetan Terrier in there though, he looks very...
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    Hello from SC

    I love your crew! I think you need to post a photo thread, like pronto! :D
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    New to Chaz!

    Hey! Welcome! I'm already desperate for you to post a photo thread of your dogs! Your dogs are gorgeous and that's some great photography. What camera do you use? I'm a big fan of anything merle coloured so I already love Codex! Dodger and your foster are lovely too :)
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    Long Overdue Matisse Photoshoot!

    It occurred to me that I hadn't went on a little photo shoot with my own dog Matisse in so long, and after looking through all the picture threads here I felt motivated to take some new photos of my little one! So I took him to a local park and brought my DSLR and some treats. Luckily he...
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    Henry in the snow

    Awww! what a lovely looking dog, he's so cute! Really suits his coat too, great pictures :)
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    Venice and Clara Update (large photos, one graphic!)

    I love Claire's jumper! It's like something you'd get in Topman! Great photos, glad Venice (awesome name by the way) is recovering well!
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    52 Weeks of Izzie the Pug - 2nd Edition

    that last picture.. FAVOURITE! it's adorable and well took. Interesting project! I look forward to seeing more pictures :)
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    Gorgeous Sable GSD Hunk

    You're right, he's gorgeous. And your pictures are great! love that second one especially.
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    He flies!

    Awww! I'm just back to forum after a long time away and this is the first I've seen Abe and I love him already. Post more pictures! He's gorgeous! What breed(s) is he? His merle markings are lovely.
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    Happy 2 year GOTCHA day CRICKET! (photos)

    Aw i love these two! Bam has always been one of my fav chaz dogs, he's so handsome, and Cricket is so cute! Her markings are lovely, these pictures are great!
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    Dog Show - Aussies, Akitas, Huskies and some!

    Thanks Dizzy! I see by your signature you have another dog since when I've last been here, Fred looks adorable!