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    So what do I need to do....

    Hello. It was quite a blast from the past to see this message come through. I still like message boards- I am active on a cruise message board and definitely see their value. The original reason I left was there seemed to be a lot of judgment at the time if you didn’t do everything the way a...
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    Porto systemic shunt

    Hi Amit- I cannot say enough about Animal Medical Center in NYC Animal Medical Center - New York City They have specialists who are able to handle these types of issues- they have been treating my little one for the last few years. What makes your vet think your pup has a shunt? Has it...
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    Porto systemic shunt

    Portosystemic shunts (liver shunts- LS) usually always require surgery to close them. There are other diseases like microvascular dysplasia (MVD) which can mimic LS and do not require surgery but do require life long management. The first thing you need to do is have a Bile Acid Test done on...
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    Proin--Killer of Dogs!! (Incontinence Drug)

    I haven’t posted here in a really long time, but I thought this was important enough to finally post. I have a dog on PROIN. She had a major incontinence problem from the time I brought her home basically. I took her all across the state, traveling many many hours to find different vets, to...
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    Are you serious

    He may be a terrible dog owner, I dont know... but how does that make him racist or mentally retarded (eek: I hate to even repeat the word) ? If you think he is dangerous speak with the owner of the facility... if the owner of the facility is non receptive or you feel they are continually...
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    aww... somethings wrong with Chloe....

    oh... we are DONE with that for sure! She has never shown any OCD tendencies with anything else so I didnt think about it, but now that I see how it affected her, that is one toy she will not be playing with.
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    Dogs as Gifts?

    Yeah, most of the time they are a bad idea... It can work out sometimes... but I dont think its a good idea unless you really really know the person. Armani was sort of a gift... I really wanted a dog and my parents agreed to pay half...they actually found him too but that was unexpected they...
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    Very nice!!!
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    DVR, tivo and stuff

    They work basically the same. Tivo... is a box you buy at the store and then pay a yearly fee to use. DVR comes from your TV provider, so like with cable it just replaces your cable box, you pay a monthly fee but no upfront cost. My DVR is like 12 dollars per month on top of regular cable but...
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    aww... somethings wrong with Chloe....

    shes just not as sharp as Armani... I went in my sisters room and she was playing with her cat and one of those laser toys... Armani took one look at it and then looked at the laser toy in my sisters hand and that was it, he laid down, like "I am not that dumb"... well Chloe went into attack...
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    Shells-n-cheese, baked chicken, and broccoli...

    that is one of my favorite meals too! Although i usually just cook a breast or a hen since its just for me. Glad everyone is happy there!
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    Function or Fashion?

    same here! thats why they put the shelves in the top of closets... to fill with shoes!
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    Another reason why New York has suckvitis

    I am totally against all these bills... but chefs need to learn to cook with LESS salt... I cant tell you how many times a meal has been ruined at a restaurant because the salt was just way too much. But thats not really on topic, the issue is that salt makes suckvitis worse, so we have a...
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    so say a dog eats soap?!

    I only clean the dogs with dish soap if there are fleas, :lol-sign:
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    Function or Fashion?

    Usually it has to be both comfortable AND fashionable. Although I do have a great pair of peep toe heels that are not comfortable AT ALL, I literally cant walk by the end of the night but they are super cute and I do wear them on special occasions, lol.
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    so say a dog eats soap?!

    so basically, dog soap is pretty mild, and therefore shouldnt cause much of an issue in small amounts... maybe stomach upset. (according to a vet, didnt think this warranted paying 65 dollars for the poison control)
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    so say a dog eats soap?!

    nope, no warning labels and nothing about what to do in case of ingestion (I guess they assume we are all smart enough not to let our dogs ingest it... :o )
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    How would you handle this?

    If there is a dog that wont leave one of mine alone I will call them to me and have them follow me to a different area of the park, where I will do some quick obedience things with them (sit/down/etc) to get their mind off the other dog... then I release them to go play in this new area hoping...
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    so say a dog eats soap?!

    The dogs get bottled water and whenever I am pouring water into their dish, Chloe drinks from the bottle as it is pouring out... its kind of funny and I dont care since the bottles are only for the dogs or cat anyway, so I never told her not to do it. Well today was a gorgeous day, so we went...
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    Only in my house could a strange dog go undetected! funny story

    the joke when I was getting another dog and my dad wasnt really into it, was that we would just not tell him and he wouldnt notice another dog... but I didnt think that could REALLY happen anywhere! hmmm... so hypothetically, if I somehow slipped my dogs into your house, you think you could not...