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  1. Gustav

    Pants, big furry Y-fronty pants, with built in skid marks!

    Pants, big furry Y-fronty pants, with built in skid marks!
  2. Gustav

    Ladies with assets...

    Try.. Bravissimo | Big Bras, Lingerie, Swimwear and Clothing for D-KK cup women they do specially designed swimwear for women with "assets" ;)
  3. Gustav

    Do you like my hat

    Ooooh HATS!! I LOVE hats.. If I was to take a picture of all my hats it could take a while, I had 56 at the last count up. I think hats are VERY underated!
  4. Gustav

    Do you ever look at your siblings ......

    We are not at all alike in temperament, or looks really. (Talking about my only blood sibling, not the two that were adopted) I look much more like my mum's side of the family, and my brother looks like the spitting image of my dad when he was young. There's no mistaking the parentage! ;)...
  5. Gustav

    People with live-in SO's.....

    I asked Florent what he would do should I fall asleep on the sofa.. And his reply was.. "I'd wake you up, (I started to have an "Awww" moment, but it was shortlived!) otherwise i'd have to spend the next day listening to you moan on about how your neck hurts and how tired you are, and how you...
  6. Gustav

    Job vibes please

    Has that got something to do with eating too much at christmas? Windy season sounds dramatic! ;) :D
  7. Gustav

    Wierd food combo's

    Ooooh Mc Donalds fries dipped in their strawberry milkshake.. Delicious!!
  8. Gustav

    Sure thang!

    Sure thang!
  9. Gustav

    Do you rinse?

    I never really have anything TO rinse.. We both eat very frenchly, which means instead of using a knife (unless of course it's something like a steak that needs cutting) we use a piece of bread to push things onto our forks. When you've finished your meal, you wipe round the plate with the afore...
  10. Gustav

    Do YOU know how to jump-start a car?

    Why would you need cables? Put it in first gear, get someone to push or if you're lucky you're on a hill, get the car moving and then just let go of the clutch.. Et voila, the car is "bump" started! ;) I suppose that could be ever so slightly more problematic if you have an automatic car...
  11. Gustav

    Ok, had enough now..

    Well it would appear someone was listening, sort of... It rained ALL night long, so most of the snow has now gone, what's left is just slush.. NICE!! Joy, now instead of snowy deposits in the house I am going to have serious MUD! :rofl1: I suppose I should be a bit more careful what I wish...
  12. Gustav

    Why your dog is the bestest.

    Oh wow, where to start.. Gus (or should I say Sir Gustav) is the bestest because.. He loves me unconditionally, he's my clown, my number one fan, he's hysterically funny, he's got a wicked sense of humour, when he's happy the whole world is happy and he's truely joyful with his whole...
  13. Gustav

    Job vibes please

    Fingers crossed girly!! Think possitive, you WILL get it! Where have you been hiding yourself? Did you have a good christmas etc? What's your news?
  14. Gustav

    Ok, had enough now..

    Of the snow! It was fine for the first couple of weeks, despite the roads being disastrous and like an ice rink, but now I am a bit fed up of it all! I'm fed up of my house looking like a team of elephants have trudged through it without wiping their feet.. Fed up of the salt that comes...
  15. Gustav

    I am SO mad! *camera people*

    I'd just deny all knowledge of it being dropped and take it back and ask for a replacement, saying that you'd only just started using it and there's obviously a fabrication fault seeing as you keep getting the "Lens error" message. It's worth a shot, what have you got to lose?
  16. Gustav

    People with live-in SO's.....

    I would at least TRY to wake him up, if it didn't work then i'd say to myself... "Oh well, you've made your bed, now lie in it" lol! Although this NEVER happens, after 8pm couch space is a premium in this house, we have 3 couches, and yet NEVER have room to sit on them, there's either a...
  17. Gustav


    Snot funny young lady, who nose when she will get her sense of smell back.. If I were you Izzy I would hoot'er right on the snoz!! ;) Seriously though, I hope that this can be fixed!! I'll be sending you healing nose vibes!!
  18. Gustav

    Cadence braking and ABS...

    Ok, so my new car has ABS fitted, and from what I can gather you are not advised to cadence brake on snow like you are in cars without ABS.. So what do you do? Just stomp on the brakes and hope for the best?? When my cars not in 4 wheel drive, it's rear wheel drive and although I am...
  19. Gustav

    I got a new computer!!!

    The new one is a desktop.. I had a laptop before, so the space between all the keys is now messing me up royally! My little tiny pudgy hands are having difficulty spreading enough to reach all the keys! :rofl1: I suppose I will get used to it in time, and not look like such a ham fisted pleb!
  20. Gustav

    It's Dark Out There . . .

    We have a beast living here in Moutier, he is pretty hairy, smelly, and unkempt looking, can often be seen routing around in bins and communal waste disposal areas.. Can often be verbally abusive especially if he has mixted his medication with alcohol.. His name is Jean-Claude.. ;)