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  1. lizzybeth727

    Dog won't stop whining around newborn, driving family crazy!

    I would totally recommend getting a trainer who can see you in person and work with your dog around the baby. A trainer can tell you whether you need to be worried about the dog biting the baby or if he's whining for other reasons.... That's not something we can do over the internet. Because...
  2. lizzybeth727

    Head Position at Heel

    I think it depends on what you're training for. If you're just teaching heel for competetion obedience and you won't realistically use it a whole lot outside of the ring, then the health of the dog doesn't matter as much as far as whether his head is stretched too far to the side. When we...
  3. lizzybeth727

    Long car rides alone

    I make a 15-hour-drive alone every year at Christmas to visit my parents. Because it's the same route I've been making for 6 years, I've got it pretty well down to a science - I know where I'm going to stop for gas, I know the good rest stops vs. the ones to avoid, etc. The only thing that...
  4. lizzybeth727 much pee. Help? Tifa's Tale...

    Dogs have to potty: - upon waking up from a nap - after eating and drinking - during/after periods of high activity So to control how often she potties, you will have to control the above activities. When she's in her crate during the work day, she's sleeping almost the whole time...
  5. lizzybeth727

    Reward with activity?

    I was thinking this too. Obviously you couldn't spray your treat bag or your hands that go in your dog's mouth, but maybe spraying your clothes and arms with a bug repellant (like "Off") would keep them away? Or use a can of cheese-whiz to reinforce - just squirt the stuff straight into her...
  6. lizzybeth727

    2 Kids killed by snake

    Any new updates on this? It's been 11 days, I wonder if the autopsies are done yet?
  7. lizzybeth727

    Boys with balls?

    Keegan's 2 1/2 and still intact. Whatever issues he has, I treat them as training issues, not "because he has balls" issues. He gets along with most other dogs, neutered and intact, though there's the occasional male that he doesn't like. I've personally handled A LOT of neutered males, and I...
  8. lizzybeth727

    how rough is too rough??

    I feel like you're not at all understanding my point. I don't know how else to make my point. So I'm going to leave now. Please hire a trainer to help your puppies.
  9. lizzybeth727

    how rough is too rough??

    People in show venues (sports, obedience, etc.) generally want dogs that are either: 1.) interesting, big personality, have lots of opinions ;); 2.) a "project dog," one they get to test their training skills; or 3.) a dog that's simply too energetic and/or out of control, with a handler...
  10. lizzybeth727

    how rough is too rough??

    I agree with the others who are a little concerned about the level of play. The video looked to me like three dogs who are quite lacking in social skills with other dogs, and your following posts do confirm that. I don't think it's beyond help, though, I believe that those puppies could learn...
  11. lizzybeth727

    Help with a pitch for the owner of the salon...

    I'm glad it's working out for you! That said, no, I don't think grooming salons generally need receptionists. I worked at a busy salon as a bather/assistant, and IMO it sounds like that's more along the lines of what you need than a receptionist. If you have a bather who is not doing her...
  12. lizzybeth727

    Rear foot targeting help

    I taught Keegan to walk up stairs backward. ;)
  13. lizzybeth727

    Dremel Training

    I've taught my two dogs to tolerate dremeling, as well as countless dogs at work. In fact there have only been one or two dogs that I haven't been able to eventually teach. :) The way I think of it, is to train the dog to lay down, be still, and relax no matter how I'm handling him. I also...
  14. lizzybeth727

    Future third dog - breed help?

    When you compare collies to some of the other herding breeds - especially border collies, ACDs, malinois - no, they're definately not as intense. Personally that's what drew me to collies: they're not as intense, but they're still definately thinkers. Keegan is SO observant it was a little...
  15. lizzybeth727

    Close the door! Training "critique"?

    Ok, I'll admit first that I didn't exactly watch the whole video. 5+ minutes is way too long for my attention span, LOL. I watched a bit, fast-forwarded and watched a bit more. That said, I'd also like to point out that 5+ minutes seems like too long for Maggie's attention as well. I...
  16. lizzybeth727

    Nails. My arch nemesis.

    Actually, it does! It also receedes when you cut the nails really short, right up to the quick. That's why a dremell is so nice for doing nails, you can grind them down all the way almost to the quick and then they'll continue to receede.
  17. lizzybeth727

    Knoxville, TX Dog Trainer?

    Anybody know one? Friend-of-a-friend on Facebook is fostering a dog that seems to have really bad separation anxiety, and she (along with everybody else replying to her posts) is completely clueless about how to fix it. I did a quick search on and did not see anyone I was excited...
  18. lizzybeth727

    Nails. My arch nemesis.

    When I clip nails, I hold the dog in my lap on his back, feet in the air. That way I can restrain him and clip nails at the same time. OF course I condition them to be comfortable in that position - and to stay in that position until being released - before ever starting nails, but it usually...
  19. lizzybeth727

    Service dogs

    The thing is, service dogs DO NOT give children independence. CHILDREN do not have independence, because they're CHILDREN. They're constantly under supervision when in public (or at least they should be), whether it's parents, guardians, babysitters, teachers, etc., some adult is always...
  20. lizzybeth727

    Breed type tally thread.

    81 x Mixed Breed 1 x Alaskan Noble Companion Dog Herding 4 x Australian Cattle Dog 1 x Australian Kelpie 1 x Australian Koolie 13 x Australian Shepherd 2 x Beauceron 1 x Belgian Laekenois 7 x Belgian Malinois 1 x Belgian Tervuren 10 x Border Collie 4 x Cardigan Welsh Corgi 1 x...