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  1. southern_girl09

    *sigh* Ripley . . .

    Very pretty!
  2. southern_girl09

    my 3 puppies for adoption

    Thanks =]
  3. southern_girl09

    Java passed away

    Very sorry to hear that.. =[
  4. southern_girl09

    my 3 puppies for adoption

    they should work now sorry about that
  5. southern_girl09

    my 3 puppies for adoption

    I have 3 puppies for adoption in Arkansas. We can ship them at your expense and our adopton fee is $75. They are in desperate need for homes! Mickey was attacked by another dog so we call him the special baby.. Im you are intrested please let me know. They are ready for their homes! Mickey-...
  6. southern_girl09

    Back Again..

    Hey you guys, alot of you may know me, but some may not. I was really active here last year. Well Im going to tell some stuff about me for the members i dont know. My name is Erin. Im 15. I have 1 dog, she is a Chihuahua named Tinkerbelle. My last dog, Haven, well my parents sent her to a new...
  7. southern_girl09

    The meoooowing! It’s driving me insane!

    Cant you catch her and take her to a shelter.. lol.
  8. southern_girl09


    Pot should be legal.. tabacco shouldnt..
  9. southern_girl09


    Hey there! :) *waves back*
  10. southern_girl09


    Thanks You Guys! :D Having a Good day so far.. i got to stay home from school. lol
  11. southern_girl09

    Min Pin vs Chihuahua

    Chihuahuas are very entergetic too. But MinPins are almost TOO entergetic.
  12. southern_girl09

    Got her lip bit off!!

    There had to be something.. Thats just weird to me..
  13. southern_girl09

    Min Pin vs Chihuahua

    Dobes are VERY hyper.. I like Chihuahuas alot better. I have one ad she is VERY smart.
  14. southern_girl09

    Ellie Died:(:(:(

    I'm very sorry. I know how it feels.. see my siggie. May she RIP.. :(
  15. southern_girl09

    What do you have? (just because)

    I have both a Chi and a GSP/Lab mix :)
  16. southern_girl09

    Marilyn Manson

    No, thats not true, i think hes beautiful.. i love seeing hom on TV and I think hes awesome. People just take his style the wrong way, but hes what inspired me to be the way I am.. Scary huh.. lol
  17. southern_girl09

    Marilyn Manson

    I LOVE Marilyn Manson. He's one of my favorites. I have been listening to alot of his songs lately.. But my favorites are The DopeShow Coma White and Valentines Day. ;)
  18. southern_girl09


    I love catfish!! :D
  19. southern_girl09

    Anti BSL slideshow

    Yaeh, it worked good for me.. I have DSL though.. Maybe that was why?
  20. southern_girl09

    Annoying Typos

    the- teh something- somthing