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    How Big is Your Dog?

    Name:- Bernie Breed(s): Beagle/Husky/Maybe something else in there as well/Best Dog Ever Age: 6 Height: 22-24" Guessing..... Weight: 58.4lb (Vet weighed him yesterday, so I know that's acurate!:rolleyes:) Picture:
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    Snapshot from your day

    Seventh Bernie Of A Seventh Bernie My favorite album by my favorite band My favorite dog :)
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    Boo's Recovery Thread

    Awesomeness!!! :thumbsupsmileyanim:
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    Good dogs

    My dog Bernie is just perfect in every way :rolleyes:
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    Boo's Recovery Thread

    Everytime I see this post/photo I think of this song! :lol-sign:
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    What happened to my puppy?

    That is the most awesome photo ever..... If he ever disappears he's not in Ontario ok? ;)
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    April Fools

    Anybody like chocolate? Saw this advertised on Tuesday..... Lionel Richie Chocolate Head Hello, is it me you're licking for? £499.99 with free delivery Feast upon the gorgeous moustached face of a soul legend In your dreams you've kissed his lips...
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    Boo's Recovery Thread

    Get well soon Boo! :)
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    Bernie Pic's

    How do you delete duplicate messages?
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    Bernie Pic's

    Hunting froggies in our favorite pond :) And a quick video of "chase the cookie"
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    Bernie Pic's

    Four and a half years later..... Who's this visiting? I'm staying outside in the warm spring sunshine That Nicko is around here somewhere!!! Bernie won't find me here :lol: Hmmmm, thought I knew how to straighten things up on Photobucket... Hey is it...