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  1. em&ollie

    My bf left me

    I've been in exactly this position before. We were together from a young age, for many years and we had discussed in extensive detail our future children and plans etc. One day suddenly it was "I don't love you anymore," except by text. It's the hardest thing I've ever been through, not going to...
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    Living in Europe? Australia?

    What's it like living in Australia? Well it depends where in Australia, even if you moved to Sydney there is a huge difference between different suburbs. Living costs here are very high and we have some of the world's highest housing prices. A car is basically essential wherever you are...
  3. em&ollie

    Hi :) Ollie is currently beside me snoring his little head off so I would say he's doing well...

    Hi :) Ollie is currently beside me snoring his little head off so I would say he's doing well! Thanks for asking hehe
  4. em&ollie

    Proactive face stuff....

    I use: The Oil Cleansing Method - A simple, cleansing facial massage for clear skin! This might seem a little 'new-agey' but if you go out and read people's opinions of it, in most cases it's doing a lot of good things! You can make up your own mixtures and research which oils work best for...
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    In about 2 hours or so..

    Congratulations! As for 'A' names for girls, I love: Amelia, Ava, Ada, Audrey, Alexandra (Ally)
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    Opinions? I need help picking...

    I love the last one but maybe if you put a different crop on it. And maybe in b&w :)
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    Nice capture!
  8. em&ollie

    What is your favorite names ever??

    For girls I love: Ada Ava Eliza Eloise Zoe Jasmine Leah And boys: Gabriel Leon
  9. em&ollie

    Your parents; and how they affected you.

    My parents are not strict but they have put down rules and have requirements they expect me to fullfil without being asked or told. At 16 I self-regulate my life in these areas: school, work, social, dog, driving and health/exercise. Things I'm told to do by my parents generally involve...
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    Thank you both. :) We have had a good example set by my boyfriend's brother, who dated his girlfriend for almost 5 years (14-18), they slept together for the first time at 17. When we're ready, we'll know. At the moment I am ready in some ways and not in others, and it's the same for him. It...
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    I'm 16 and I'm a virgin. I've been with my boyfriend since we were both 13 and obviously the topic has come up numerous times. We feel that we are not ready to face the consequences of sex yet and both believe that we have at least a year ahead of us before we will be. In this time a great deal...
  12. em&ollie

    Dixie Angels Team

    Oh you lucky thing! Seems the only thing I can afford atm is old AI lenses, dunno how well they'd go shooting action though.
  13. em&ollie

    Dixie Angels Team

    This is great! What lens are you using now?
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    Really cool Jen! I was talking to a guy the other day, only 15, he takes photos at his school baseball games and sells them to the parents. He has made A LOT of money.
  15. em&ollie

    New Siggie?

    Do you like this?
  16. em&ollie

    New Siggie?

    Sure thing, send me some photos and I'll be happy to make you one :)
  17. em&ollie

    Poms & Tollers *lots*

    Absoloutely BEAUTIFUL! Every dog and every picture
  18. em&ollie

    Photography Date

    Wow I love the thongs and the first cloud picture, with the really dark clouds up the top!
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    Thanks! He is not NEARLY as poised as miss elizabeth! But he takes your compliment anyway ;)
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    Here's Ollie, who was quite reluctant about this photo shoot: