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  1. GoingNowhere

    Jackson/Lola/friends Snowzilla 2016

    Oh my goodness, Lola is huge! And I love that one of Jackson in your first post with his head sticking up from over the snow - it shows juts how much fell!
  2. GoingNowhere


    aww, thanks! Yep, Boo definitely has a "snow depth threshold" because as long as it isn't deep and isn't getting stuck in her paws, she likes it. I can't wait to see Jackson pics!
  3. GoingNowhere


    Thanks - we don't get snow like this very often! Boo likes it to an extent, but once it gets so deep that she has to wade through it, the fun goes away for her :) In any case, today was warmer, so I took her on a walk, which I do think that she liked, despite areas of deep snow!
  4. GoingNowhere

    Getting to know you 2016 edition

    Nickname/Preferred name: We'll just go with "GoingNowhere" on here, not that anyone calls me that in real life! Occupation: graduate assistant academic advisor and graduate student in higher education administration Age: 24 About your dog(s): Boo is a family dog and lives with my...
  5. GoingNowhere

    Everyone on East Coast okay from Snowzilla?

    About 20 inches here. From what I've heard, there haven't been many power outages here in the DC area, just lots of snow. The plows came through on Saturday and this morning, so our road is driveable, but still snow covered. Boo thinks it's a bit much:
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    Boo would like it to go away. but she sure is cute in the snow
  7. GoingNowhere

    Sports proscpects vs. Liveability: a poll

    I wouldn't be surprised at all if the better sports dogs were also higher drive and higher energy in general. High drive + high energy does not necessarily equal low key house companion (which I think is many people's idea of "easy to live with"). That's not to say that sports dogs couldn't be...
  8. GoingNowhere

    The one that got away?

    There are two that stand out to me. The first is a dog that I had only just met. I used to walk dogs at the animal shelter and she was one of the dogs that was there that day. I hope that I can find a dog as sweet as her when I have the means to get a dog of my own. She was submissive, but...
  9. GoingNowhere

    Boo and an aussie friend

    ...well perhaps not a friend, but an acquaintance... Boo couldn't help but give her a snark or two, but largely they got along just fine. :) Maggie is my old roommate's dog and we had a nice chance to catch up the other day with our two old girls. Boo is probably a bit over 11 now and Maggie...
  10. GoingNowhere

    Goodbye my boy

    I'm so sorry to hear this. Losing a dog is always hard, but I can't even imagine losing one so young. Take care of yourself - you guys are in my thoughts :(
  11. GoingNowhere

    Our Christmas video is ready:)

    I just love this! Your videos are great! Charlie seems like such a good dog too!
  12. GoingNowhere

    Help - Betta fish

    Update: My fish seems to be doing better! I've been testing the water like a fiend and I am pretty convinced it was a pH issue, not a temp or ammonia issue. I did a 40-50% water change with neutral to slightly acidic water and now he's acting more normally. The pH in the tank is now much...
  13. GoingNowhere

    Not Sure Which Dog Breed Is Best For Me

    If you're just looking for a cuddle-buddy type and don't care that a dog can keep up on hikes/runs, a pug might be a good option. Though honestly, there are PLENTY of laid back, adult mixes (and purebred) dogs in shelters and rescues. My friend just adopted a little dog that looks like a rat...
  14. GoingNowhere

    Crate or not to crate during the day

    I think the biggest question that I would be asking myself is "can he reasonably physically hold it for the period of time in between dog walker visits?" If the answer is yes, I would go with the crate. If the answer is no, I would go with the larger sectioned off area. I've been told that it...
  15. GoingNowhere

    Trying to clean the floor with a puppy nearby

    cute! Be careful what you "train" him to do now - pretty soon you might have a pug whose favorite pasttime is to help you clean :p
  16. GoingNowhere

    What does your family think of your dogs?

    Well Boo is a family dog and is living with my parents, so it is kind of odd to gauge their reactions to her, but I'll add in the extended family as well. My parents (who Boo lives with) love her, but recognize that she's an odd one. Boo stresses my mom out when she barks at the door and...
  17. GoingNowhere

    Help - Betta fish

    Interestingly the water that I tested had been treated with stress coat and sitting for several days in a gallon sized jug. It didn't come straight from the tap. That said, it was sitting in a capped jug and hadn't been aerated.
  18. GoingNowhere

    Help - Betta fish

    Thanks for the responses all! Actually, after testing the pH and ammonia of both the tank and the treated tap water, I am significantly more concerned about the pH. See the images below: pH out of treated water container (tap water + stress coat): pH in tank today: ammonia in...
  19. GoingNowhere

    Help - Betta fish

    Thanks for the reply. Please remember that I'm new to fish care, but I do like the little guy and certainly intend to give him the best care I can as I learn. How do you suggest I clean the tank when I have to remove the fish? Or do I never remove the fish? Intuitively I figured this was the...
  20. GoingNowhere

    Help - Betta fish

    This is the little guy while he still seemed happy and healthy. And now :(