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    Friday Night Photos.... KAYLEE! REVY! RONIN!

    CORGILETTE TOES!!!!!!! She's adorable. I steals her naow, k?
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    Border Collie Puppies

    OMG!!! How can you STAND THE CUTE!!!!!?!?!? So CUTE! I'll take one please and thank you.... Blue merley monster preferred but will accept anything adorable, young, and... BCish!!
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    Pics of Eve!

    Love the Eve! She's so pretty!
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    dumbest myths

    lol.... no. She has border collies (both of which are FAT) and had boxers before that. Ugh..... i know that one isn't true. Ransom would eat until he exploded if I let him.
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    dumbest myths

    AMEN! Mine always sniff my hands for the goodies afterward but it's not like they won't run through their entire list of known commands without my having shown them I have food in my hands. What bothers me most is: my mom will tell me this. And another for the list: You can't...
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    dumbest myths

    I'll have to break it to Azure that he's a blind part husky (blue eyes). *sigh* When I'm done I can tell Shye he's not purebred because of the spotted paw pads. I've heard the BCs have to be black and white. I also have heard Aussies are always merle. Crate training dogs is cruel. Letting...
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    Getting a second dog- same breed or different?

    I know this has been commented on a lot but I'm giving my two cents anyway.... I started off with BCs because that's what I was raised with and I knew they were easy to train and wonderful to work with because of the intelligence. I added a pair of Aussies... The Aussies have a similar...
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    Is your dog a licker?

    Hmmmm... Shye.. no. Ransom has his moods... mostly wanting to lick you when he's found the most foul thing ever and eaten it before you could get it away from him. GROSS. Azure... YES!... and while insisting a 45 pound dog really DOES fit in your lap. River.... yes yes yes yes YES! OCD...
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    OMG! PUPPY ADORABLENESS!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I needed a puppy fix!
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    New Collar!!

    Now that is one proud-to-show-off-his-new-collar puppers! He's all stunning in his new threads! He knows it too!
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    Shippo & Eevee's Snow Day!

    Ok... here's the deal: you clone Shippo and send me a copy! He's just GORGEOUS! deal? Ok good! Eevee sorta reminds me of my Shye.... *sigh* Thanks for sharing!
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    Will not look silly hooman.

    River says: "If youz not seez themz then if I eatz them, it's ok right?"
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    Hey Jude! ;)

    Okay.... just box up the whole bunch and send them over.... Beautiful BC and as always, Laur... I LOVE your paps!
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    How do I get her to swallow pills?

    Ordinarily I'd say peanut butter or cream cheese. I don't really know what to say about the nausea.... water or maybe some pedialite to keep her hydrated until she stops vomiting.... I've had to force both into cats before that didn't want to eat. Good luck and I hope she feels better soon.
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    Puppy in a Multi-Dog Household

    I'd suggest keeping him crated in a different area for the first few days or week at least... and maybe watch how the other dogs are with him crated and then if all is well, move him permanently into the laundry room. The other dogs might hassle him or scare him. I'd just take it slowly.
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    Zeke Pictures!

    Whoa! I didn't know poodles came in black with tan points. He's a cutie!
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    A Day at the Lake

    Oh My gosh..... Rory and Tucker are GORGEOUS!!!
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    I don't even know how to caption this...

    Summer.... River feels your pain... darn dogs with no tails do not leave his alone... ever. They won't touch Shye's. River offers his sincere condolences. Ransom offers to pounce Mia for her.
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    Riding Billie without tack

    i love your appy.... she's BEAUTIFUL!
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    the re- intro thread...

    Erm.... my best guess would be like 8 or 9 inches long. He's big but will get bigger.