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    Need Help For My Poodle

    Hi Guys, I have a question,ok my poodle is about 15 yrs old and she has had no health problems over than UTI's and she just got over one but for the past week she has had some problems with her right leg she is limping on it.Just would like to know some of you guys input on what it...
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    Hi from North Carolina

    I'm getting worried about her she has been limping on her right leg for days and she just came from Vet a few days ago with a IUT,so don't know if that is causing the problem and they done wellness test and it was normal.Any one know what it might be?
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    Hi from North Carolina

    Hi All, I'm Trishy 40 yrs old and been married for almost 20 yrs i have no kids but my little black poodle that is almost 15 now.She is starting to have problems now that she is getting older other than that she has been a heathy dog.:D