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  1. Sandy_Gurl24

    Graphic Signature Signs..

    Cool Those pictures are so cool! =D
  2. Sandy_Gurl24

    Pictures of Piitie Pups in Need

    :eek: THAT WAS SO MEAN! :eek:
  3. Sandy_Gurl24

    Pictures of Piitie Pups in Need

    Awww!...They are so cute! :) But i have something to add, its not about the puppies but... You know your signature?, you should change it because some ppl might be young on here, like me and thats really grose, like seriously, :rolleyes: Thats disgusting, :rolleyes:
  4. Sandy_Gurl24

    What are you guys getting your doggies for christmas

    Cool gifts guys, lol :) I am getting sandy, this little squeeky purple dude, it is so cute! And her fav color is purple, so i think shell like it! :D
  5. Sandy_Gurl24

    TOki's new Kong toy.

    Thanks for the tip Rennee! Although i might have forgotten to say that she hardly ever uses it, mostly only when she is ebeing a good girl :) But i will try that! Thanks! :p
  6. Sandy_Gurl24


    :) I knew a staffy once, mgosh they are so cute! :D
  7. Sandy_Gurl24

    I haven't been on in a while...

    I dont know who u r but :p Awww...That is so sad, dont worry we are all here for you, and if you need someone to talk to, just post a thred! :(
  8. Sandy_Gurl24

    Bear vs. The Groundhog

    Cool Story Great story! That is amazing that something like that would happen, I would never have thought!.... :)
  9. Sandy_Gurl24

    TOki's new Kong toy.

    I have a Kong for my Puppy. I got mine at ''Super-Pet'' And she loves it! I have never heard of Kong stuffing, but I ussually just put some of her kibble in it (Her dinner or breakfast) and she has a blast, playing with it and eating. I also sometimes put some ''Cheez-Whiz'' in it, and then we...
  10. Sandy_Gurl24

    Another pet art site.Very cool!

    Cool Site nicco! Thanks! :)
  11. Sandy_Gurl24

    How do I get up avatars?

    Thanks Chazhound! Like my Picture?, Lol i got it from another forum i got, and i kinda cheated and copy and pasted it :p, thanks so much! :) Sandy
  12. Sandy_Gurl24


    welcome Welcome to the forums! :) I'm new here aswell! We'll get along! :p
  13. Sandy_Gurl24

    How do I get up avatars?

    But how do i change me avatar?, like it wont let me at all! :(
  14. Sandy_Gurl24

    Here is a pic of my dog, I miss him

    :( Awww...Im so sry... :( .... I know What it feels like to loose someone close to you, i lost my best friend about 4 months ago, She was my dog Kody, i miss Her so much!!! :( But your dog is so cute! She had a good life, i can tell :)
  15. Sandy_Gurl24

    World's Smallest Dog

    I know, Poor little doggy!!! :( This story is like, so sa,d but sometimes they are just born this way... :( sad to say
  16. Sandy_Gurl24

    How do you get ears to stand up?

    lol lol :p
  17. Sandy_Gurl24

    staffy mad

    :) They are so cute! When my puppy Sandy, was going to training school, (to get trained lol) well there was one in our class, and her name was rosie, she was white, and had black dots all over her, she was so cute!!! :)
  18. Sandy_Gurl24

    How do you get ears to stand up?

    .... Ok, ive seen this before, if you have a german shepard puppy, or maybe anoher one, i dunno i saw this on one, but you buy this like little looks like a headband, and you put it around there ears, so that you just leave it there, then when you take them off, i think that they woulld stand...
  19. Sandy_Gurl24

    How do I get up avatars?

    ? Me too, i cant seem to change my avatar, when i try to, and i click the box so that i can have an avatar, it just wont let me change it!:(, a little help please!!!! :(
  20. Sandy_Gurl24

    Im new here!

    Hmmmm.... I tried to attach a photo, but it isnt seem to be working!!! :(