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    Legal prostitution.

    Prostitution is degrading to women. It's not about one woman making a lot of money - the rest of the female population has to pay for the fact that men think they can treat women like a piece of meat, like a sex slave. It's really sad how low people will go to make some cash. That's what I...
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    School advice

    6-day weeks :)
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    Desensitizing dog to firecrackers and airhorn

    After some idiot put a fire cracker off a mere 20 feet away from my dog, she has been terrified of loud noises. She used to be fine; on the 4th of July, she'd be a little nervous, but not in a total panic. Now she so much as hears a pop, and she FREAKS. She doesn't even want to go on walks...
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    Labrador Breeder

    Amen. A Lab should be a healthy mix of sturdy dog and 'light' retriever. A nice square jaw (but not too big. and nooo pointy needle noses), otter tail, Lab ears (NO hound ears!), huge, adoring eyes, and a big grin on their face. THAT is a Lab. Not a huge fat blob, not a thin toothpick. And of...
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    Aha, but it does affect others. To have a gay relative most certainly affects a family. What if that family does not believe in homosexuality? The relative *wants* them to accept their sin, but the family refuses. They do not abandon the person, they simply say they will not support the gay...
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    “And with a man you shall not lie with as a man lies with a woman; it is an abomination.†– 18:22 “If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.†–...
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    A dog like #afd#'s, is that what you want?

    edit never mind
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    A dog like #afd#'s, is that what you want?

    Wow!! My own thread. :D dogs are obedient, well-behaved animals. We are constantly complimented on their behavior. We must be doing something TERRIBLY wrong. :rolleyes:
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    I agree with Tessa. If you have to get high to be happy, you need to seriously think about your life and learn how to be happy without taking drugs to do it. I really don’t see how making the decision to not do drugs, not drink, and not smoke makes someone a really good high-horse rider...
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    Grandmothers Dog's......

    These are cancerous tumors? If so, what they need is something high protein and with very little or no grains. So I'd go with Innova EVO. I think that'd help a lot.
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    Natural balance

    I agree that it is rather low in protein for a carnivore. I would add some sort of extra protein every day. It could be an egg, or some really meaty canned food, or some ground, boneless meat. I think it's better to mix it up a little than give the same thing every day. There is actually...
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    Nancy Grace has gone too far

    Okay, jumping in a bit late here, and for something off - topic, but I just had to reply, because stuff like this really ticks me off... While I agree with you that these dogs should have been tested for dog aggression BEFORE being brought to the adoption event, just because a dog is dog -...
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    types of food

    I would look up dental disease in dogs and show them what that can lead to. Switching him to a better food won't help completely (you'll still need to give him daily dental care), but it may help somewhat. A lot of people think that dogs just slow down as they age...I do see plenty of...
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    from raw to kibble???

    Adding things to commercial foods may not be NECESSARY, but it's certainly a good idea. I know I would not be healthy if I ate the same cooked food day after day after day and never ate a piece of fresh food. How come my dogs would do fine on a diet of nothing but cooked food? They are animals...
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    Attacked by my own dog

    The fact that he's already goes to the attack is what worries me. I would hand - feed him for now and find a professional trainer. This is serious and could become very dangerous.
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    Aggression levels at off-leash park?

    This does not sound like aggression to me - it sounds like your dog was showing a puppy the "pack" order. The fact that this woman tried to attack your dog would really tick me off too... If you see her again, try to talk to her about. If things ever get too rough or another owner wants your dog...
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    Does anyone get mad when they see their breeds in movies?

    I hate seeing any breed gaining popularity, but especially my breeds. I am so scared seeing the popularity of the border collie just raising and raising...people think, they're gorgeous and they're smart...I want one!! And don't realize how hard they are. I hate how wrecked labs have become...
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    Questions about a few breeds of dogs

    I agree - skip the herding breeds. They need lots of mental stimulation and can end up with serious behaviorial problems if they don't get enough of it. They also require a lot of exercise. I don't think anyone here is bashing Boxers, just saying that they probably aren't the breed for the OP. I...
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    I find that most of these designer "breeds" end up being faces only a mother could ugly that they end up being KIND OF cute.
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    Late Night Dog walk Turns Ugly,..

    Wow! I'm glad you're okay. Border Collies are really not very small dogs. And just because a dog is small does not mean they are not protective. :rolleyes: