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  1. Brandyb

    Pet Photography

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share my business - Chickadoo Expressions - Photography, Design, Art. Our specialty is Natural Light Dog Portraits. Please check out the website for more samples of our photography. We are also offering a fantastic price for pet...
  2. Brandyb

    Hand made dog collars

    Thanks a lot! :) I'll try and post some pics on the weekend. ;)
  3. Brandyb

    Hand made dog collars

    Phew, it's been a long while since I've been on here. Busy with the new baby and the little dog. I've started a new project of making dog collars. You won't find collars like these in your local pet store! I have a selection of beautiful, unique, hand made nylon dog collars both in small...
  4. Brandyb

    Three new portraits!

    Really nice work!! :)
  5. Brandyb


    Ah! Found a video from a year or so ago. Hopefully I post this properly. I have no idea if it has sound (can't hear it right now on this computer). These are drivey weaves, no question, taught originally with luring, added the thrown reward later on. These are WOW enough for me, I don't need...
  6. Brandyb


    LOL - Actually, I should post a video of her weaving, she's fast (I just meant for her size, being she's pretty small, not that she's just got decent weaves - they're way better than decent), and she drives to the end - she's not a slow or cautious weaver and she's got great form. The reason...
  7. Brandyb

    Mia update (petella probs)

    Good luck with the surgery, I hope all goes well. I had my little one operated on, and I'm so glad I did. I would be interested in a second opinion as well in regards to her left leg as PM said. Grade one isn't usually a surgery candidate.
  8. Brandyb


    hey, good for you and your dog! It's great that you have a quick learned. I taught Brandy using the luring method, and I've got pretty speedy weaves for her size. It just depends on how you fade the lure and how you increase the speed later. As Dekka said, practice entries from all angles, even...
  9. Brandyb

    Portrait Contest

    Thanks guys! Good luck! :)
  10. Brandyb

    Portrait Contest

    Thanks Smkie - I appreciate it!! :)
  11. Brandyb

    Just messing around lol

    The scribbles look good!!! I have such a hard time getting the hang of my tablet, I keep resorting back to the mouse - bleh!
  12. Brandyb

    Because Romy said so, and Romy's the boss, applesauce!

    Great work!! I love your paintings, they convey so much movement and vibrant colour - great job!! :)
  13. Brandyb

    Show bred Malinois

    I've met dogs from this kennel, and I can say with some experience, that she has VERY nice dogs. The dogs I met had fantastic temperaments and are suitable for a number of different venues (she does conformation, agility, OB, ring and sch). I wouldn't care so much about the size, but rather the...
  14. Brandyb

    New to Ontario

    Hey there, Take a look at TeeCreeks website. They are in the welland area, not sure if that's close enough for you. They hold agility and herding trials as well. Hope that helps. :)
  15. Brandyb

    Portrait Contest

    Thanks so much Smkie! I appreciate the kind words. I've added spaces to my email on the blog so that I don't get spam. I'll pm you my email, and see if that works. :)
  16. Brandyb

    Portrait Contest

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm having a FREE 5"x7" pet/people portrait contest. It will be a random draw and the contest starts today, Janaury 24th, 2010 and runs until March 24th, 2010. Details are on my blog: Dogs n' Art by Julie Deans: dogs, art, portraits, photography...
  17. Brandyb

    Recent sketches and art - dump!

    Really nice job on those!
  18. Brandyb

    Not quite a doodle

    Excellent, excellent work! I love the way you use your lines. Can't wait to see it completely finished!! :)
  19. Brandyb

    New Pet Portraits!

    Great job!! :)
  20. Brandyb

    Picardy spaniel sculpture

    Very cool - I love the fish. Looking forward to seeing more! :)