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  1. theresa92841

    Leaving puppy at home during the day

    Somebody may have mentioned this . . . but when you take him out, you keep him on the leash, away from anything interesting. You can walk up and down in the same boring area until he goes . . . then and only then does he get the fun of playing or going on his walk. So he learns the faster he...
  2. theresa92841

    wedding registry question...

    I know that I am really picky about what I choose and why I choose it. So if she is at all like that, then she wants the one she wants whether it is what somebody else thinks she should want or not . . . if that makes sense. :D
  3. theresa92841

    Enchante's Delightful (Not) New Habit

    Enchante is 16 months old now. An affenpinscher female. She had knee surgery in early May for a luxating patella. And around about the time I started being able to give her more freedom to run around the house, she developed the most delightful new habit. I have two other dogs. One is a...
  4. theresa92841

    She's a NATURAL!

    Yay Izzie. An amazing agility pug.
  5. theresa92841

    Canine Influenza Vaccine

    I would give the vaccine to my dogs. I go by the addage that an oz of preventative is worth a pound of cure. I called and asked my vet about the vaccine last year. He doesn't stock it. But I figure I get the flu vaccine for myself, so it makes sense that I would get the pupsters the...
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    Outside access when no one is home?

    I let them have access via doggy doors to the back and side yards. The entire yard is fenced. And has a locked gate, so somebody would have to climb a 6 foot fence to get in. My dogs are friendly but if a stranger comes in the yard, they will run into the house. I know this because one day a...
  7. theresa92841

    How do you feel about being seen naked in airports?

    I can't help wishing that it was the norm. Think about the clothing I wouldn't have to pack when I travel. No carryon luggage beside my toothbrush.
  8. theresa92841


    My name is Theresa and I was a disorganized person. I use to hunt for house keys for 20 minutes and finally have to give up and leave it unlocked. I finally got fed up and realized that I wasted so much time looking for things or re-doing it because I couldn't find what I had done the first...
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    How Many Dogs is Too Many to Own??

    But it is illegal. And although I love animals, I personally don't like when my neighbors choose to not follow the city laws. Maybe neighbors do care. I care. I let it go in the interest of being a good neighbor. But I don't like being in the position of having my neighbor have more than is...
  10. theresa92841

    Leash training issues

    I found that my new puppy was scared of cars going by. I started walking her with an older dog and that helped her to see there was nothing to be scared by. Do you have a 2nd dog you can walk too? Or a friend who could meet and walk with you. Seeing another dog walk and not be scared can...
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    Aargh!! Doggie Store!

    I truly suspect that the person I was talking to was actually somebody like the owner. Because this is not a large store. And I know that the customer service line is to the same store. I thought about asking for somebody higher up, but when he started into his line about not being...
  12. theresa92841

    What if you could only...

    Mow the lawn Do laundry Wash dishes Do my job for me And cook Well, you said 5 things . . . you didn't specify that they had to be things my dog could actually learn. ;) Oh, and I think the reason why is obvious. My dog would be mentally and physically worn out every day and I would...
  13. theresa92841

    Aargh!! Doggie Store!

    :( No tea and sympathy?
  14. theresa92841

    How many Fat shows is kirstie alley gonna have?

    Hey, I would certainly be on a reality TV show to pay me to lose weight. :D Sounds like a good deal to me. I have it set on my DVR to record. I like Kirstie Allen and I hope she has great success and keeps the weight off.
  15. theresa92841

    Aargh!! Doggie Store!

    I am having a dog party with my small dog group on Sunday. So last week on 9 March, I ended up ordering a little cute spa bag to give the birthday dogs. I had really liked this company when I had ordered stuff before. Anyway, I made sure to order things that were ready to ship NOW. Because...
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    I'm Curious - Parvo, Puppies, and Socialization

    Many places have puppy socialization classes before the pups are fully vaccinated. They require them to have had one vaccination. I think it is just measuring the risks. I wouldn't take the puppy out to parks or on walks. Or anywhere unknown doggies could be. But I would take them to a...
  17. theresa92841

    The good, the bad, and the ugly.. dog breed edition

    Affenpinschers: The Good: * Intelligent * Sturdy dogs that can go on a hike but are also content to just run around the back yard * Small in size so they end up being welcomed most anywhere * Are funny and can make you laugh * Mischievious * Not big shedders; easy care coats * Can be...
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    A Few from our Sunset Walk

    Izzie is rocking her new collar!
  19. theresa92841

    Certain Breed People

    Well, I use to wish that I could find some breed specific forums. Now I am not so sure. :D I have two affenpinschers and one brussels griffon. ok . . . anybody know any breed specific forums?
  20. theresa92841

    Take it gently

    My dogs always have taken the treat "nicely" from me. I don't know if I have inadvertently taught them that or what. I do know that when I have my friend's dogs with me and go to give them a treat, they are very grabby. So I just am patient until they stop trying to grab at it or take my hand...