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    CKC Now Accepting Mixed Breeds

    About bloody time.
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    AAC questions!

    I always recommend to my students that they become a member and then have a hard copy of the rule book. Read it and also take it with you to the trial. I can't tell you how many people I have met over the years that missed a Q because they didn't read the rules :) Good luck and have fun.
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    Cleaning Out: Dog Nerd Books for Sale!

    Fix the inbox :) Still interested
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    Cleaning Out: Dog Nerd Books for Sale!

    How much to ship to Ontario Canada for the How to pick a Performance Puppy? Thanks
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    Help me make my decisions! AAC Regionals

    Gezzz I hate the split regionals, really hoping it is back to being one instead of two by next year. Most folks are not happy with it for a lot of reasons.
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    How long did it take before your first agility competition?

    Agreed 1-2 yrs for the most part but a lot depends on the team. General rule is the faster and more driven the dog, the longer it takes because both the handler and the dog need a higher skill set to deal with that speed. People that are on their 2nd + agility dog that have competed, well that...
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    Agility trial, nuisance?

    ^^^ This :)
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    22 weaves vs 24 weaves

    Any decent welder can make a set of 2x2's with 24 inch spacing from a photo of them :)
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    How do dogs progress in your classes?

    No I don't do exams. Generally work on an individual basis however that can change if a group of students prefer to remain together. Sometimes I will move someone up if it is very clear their dog needs more of a challenge and the handler is skilled enough. I never move anyone down, if they are...
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    Agility Handlers

    For me the challenge is to train and run my own dogs, we own our success and the not so successful runs lol. Plus my dogs wont run for anyone else. We tried years ago with Petie when I was sick and it was a no go. Pete would run for anyone in training but not at a trial. We only tried it a...
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    Structure for agility?

    As long as he isn't lame with anything, you will be fine. And he is a good weight. Have fun!!!
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    A chaz pup heading to Worlds!!!

    In 2009 members of Chaz helped me welcome a litter of wee Ado Jrt pups into this world. Now one of those pups is has been selected to represent Canada on our AAC World Team in the Netherlands :) Here is the team video, watch for Des :) So very proud as a tiny breeder to have bred this dog...
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    Punky posted for Lynn

    Thanks, she was doing great but slipped, twisted and fell on her back off of a big snow bank while on leash. Nothing serious but did make her a bit ouchy for a couple of days. We do weekly chiro still and she swims twice a week and lots of stretching and strength building exercises, long walks...
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    Punky posted for Lynn

    Thanks, wee girlie getting ready to go swimming for conditioning and rehab. She is cute and she knows it :)
  15. adojrts

    Punky posted for Lynn

    Thanks Laura!!! The Punk ready to go swimming :)
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    Agility training

    For the release to the toy and FC, to start use either a low valued toy or food and use a high valued toy to reward with for following you :)
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    Agility training

    My instructor was showing me something yesterday and I asked if she thought doing it would affect Siri's speed in the future. She kind of laughed and said that lack of speed is NEVER going to be Siri's issue. Sorry :lol-sign:
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    Agility training

    If I am trying to figure out a handling option, I will often step aside and watch someone I know walk it, that has a similar style to me and my dog or if they are an excellent handler and/or instructor etc. If I haven't already spoken to them and discussed the course or tricky spot, I watch...
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    Agility training

    In training I rarely use numbers to follow a sequence, so that helps to remember where to go. Like Sara, I break courses down into sequences and then put it all together. When competing, after I have walked and ran during the walk through, I step aside, close my eyes and run it in my mind...