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  1. RBark

    Let's Be Controversial

    "People were FINE before this" Except for all those transgendered who got brutally beaten, murdered, driven to suicide. Unless that's what you mean by FINE. Somehow, I can buy you being okay with slaughtering transsexuals to make life easier for you.
  2. RBark

    Let's Be Controversial

    Yes I'm sure you'd beat me up if you saw me in person. Please feel free to, I'd love you in prison, it'd be a good cause. And my goal isn't to hurt your feelings. It's to make other people laugh at you. Wannabe bullies like you have no place in society. The best way to deal with people like...
  3. RBark

    Let's Be Controversial

    Why would you have a problem with that? You are ALL IN on having your rights violate other people's. I was going to type logic as a retort then I remembered once again that you don't have a brain. So it's redundant.
  4. RBark

    Let's Be Controversial

    I was going to ask you to please do so, just for the sake of getting you in jail and away from decent society. But that would require a innocent person who just needed to pee hurt. So instead I'm just going to pee in your general direction from now on, in hopes of traumatizing you with the...
  5. RBark

    Need advice: I think my doctor violated HIPAA laws

    He could do a lot worse (negatively impact your credit score, and take you to court). I'd pay the bill and move on. Time spent chasing down money is time spent not making money. I can understand his frustration.
  6. RBark

    Service dog networking/community

    Ur mom lol
  7. RBark

    Service dog networking/community

    You should get a service dog from me I'm about to breed Kobe to Syl
  8. RBark

    Afternoon on the hill :U

    Most people are frustrated with the admin lack of action to fix things that impede the flow of conversation! So a lot of the regulars are now on FB where it's easier.
  9. RBark

    Early morning landscape with Sylphrena

    *grabs Syl and starts swinging her around like a sword* :confused: Is this not how it works? :p
  10. RBark

    How much do you spend on dinners out?

    Wow ok the gloves are coming off.
  11. RBark

    How much do you spend on dinners out?

    Does sushi count? $100-130 for 2! Nomnomnom
  12. RBark

    Dog Eyes! (share)

    Sylphrena Kobe
  13. RBark

    Animal rescue refuses to give back lost show dog to rightful owner

    It's irrelevant just my sense of humor. But, I meant that it works in their favor to indicate they treated her poorly, regardless of whether the dog was cared for or not.
  14. RBark

    Animal rescue refuses to give back lost show dog to rightful owner

    I really doubt she was going to say "The dog looked fantastic!" :P
  15. RBark

    Animal rescue refuses to give back lost show dog to rightful owner

    Crazy that it took this long. Wow.
  16. RBark

    The Truth About Pit Bulls.

    I once got attacked by a zombie pit bull.
  17. RBark

    Have you been turned down by rescues?

    I got turned down by a bunch of Lab and GSD rescues which ultimately ended up with me going for a Husky rescue.
  18. RBark


    It wasn't even a factor in my mind so no, no guilt whatsoever. I wanted something so I got it.