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    Nova Scotia Duck Tollers

    +1 you need to meet dogs, and meet the breeder's dogs. Tollers are great dogs on paper - great size, biddable, playful, active, good drives for sports - but they're a personality you either like or you don't. It's not just the screaming thing (which isn't *such* a big deal if you stay on top of...
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    Heel tutorial vids

    I love Fanny Gott's backwards walking: It's hell to understand from that blog post though :P It makes much more sense in her online class and in person. It's a really elegant method. I can adjust the difficulty for the dog in a lot of different ways and...
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    Living far from family

    I just moved from 20 minutes away from my aunt and grandmother to 8 hours away. I am very close with both of them. It's been six weeks, but it hasn't been too hard. It's nice that it's a day/day and a half drive, I will be able to go home for my grandmothers funeral without much trouble. Which...
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    Sports proscpects vs. Liveability: a poll

    So I agonized over my poll answer and couldn't pick one :P I would describe my personal dogs as extremely livable with. I don't worry about them. They are nice pets, for me. They don't do stuff that annoys me (I'm willing to put up with a lot to avoid having to train manners) and can deal...
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    Golden retriever x pharaoh hound mix?

    Can we see a picture of the OP's dog? I think it's quite unlikely the dog is Pharaoh Hound/Golden cross; a cross like that wouldn't look like an off-colored Pharaoh Hound. It would be more substantial, probably wouldn't have ears that stand all the way up, and probably wouldn't have the short...
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    Tips for a New Puppy? Intact Male

    :rofl1: Pilot is precocious, he was gross by 5 months :rofl1:
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    Has anyone else fed their dog crickets?

    I haven't intentionally fed them crickets, but we've been in Petco so I just assume they've eaten a couple dozen each.
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    How to keep coat from drying out

    You can dilute shampoo, too. I put about 8ish ounces of shampoo in a milk jug and fill the rest with water. I bathe my dogs once a week to every other day, and diluted shampoo + conditioner makes it a non issue.
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    What are you currently feeding?

    Nutrisource Lamb & Peas. I really like it, Marsh looks amazing on it and he's looked crummy on pretty much everything expect THK for years. The results aren't as amazing on Pilot, but I haven't found anything I like as much and if I switch Marsh I'm never happy.
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    Fenzi Courses

    Yes, she is. If you're in the FDSA Alumni group on FB, Denise made a post about it.
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    LH Whippet vs Silken vs Borderwhippet

    ROFL, well, I've got Tollers, so, more little collie crosses isn't a bother to me :lol-sign:
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    LH Whippet vs Silken vs Borderwhippet

    I've read some old threads and learned Silken Windhounds are small Borzoi, and Long Haired Whippets are... long haired Whippets. :eek: How do they compare to a Borderwhippet? I find them all extremely attractive dogs, and I've met a couple Whippets over the years that were just really cool dogs...
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    Fenzi Courses

    I took the second class when it was FE235 and bought the first as a prereq, then I took the first class when it was DS230. I didn't have the money to take the 2nd class, or I would have. I want to take her structure and motion class too... Honestly I would take "Teach your dog to sit" (which...
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    Fenzi Courses

    Sue's confo class is AWESOME. I learned SO much - training for conformation, showing procedure and how to not look like a noob, structure, handling tricks - it was awesome. I got a huge value from the class. One of the best compliments I've ever gotten on my training was from a pro handler who...
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    What breed would you be?

    A poorly socialized, slightly nervy German Shepherd. Companionable with people I know, but entirely uninterested in making new friends. Easily motivated by things I like (toys, food, and games) and wants to bite things I do not like.
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    Which breed for me?

    Every double coated dog is going to do a season coat blow. OP didn't even say anything about shedding, they asked for "not SUPER hairy" and not poodle hair. EVERYTHING without poodle hair is going to shed at least somewhat. How much coat a dog carries absolutely influences how much they...
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    Which breed for me?

    Any double coated breed is going to shed, though. Every other week is a pretty reasonable cleaning schedule. If the hair is really that unmanageable, consider grooming more or a diet change.
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    Emergency recall & release cues

    My favorite emergency recall is from Shirley Chong, who knew the first thing out of her mouth was going to be "DAMNIT, HUNTER!" :rofl1: For release words I recommend break or free. I use bingo, because it's cute. Bingo carries the implication we're still working, keep your attention on me. I...
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    Which breed for me?

    Tollers could work. Both of mine are rather aloof, as far as Marsh is concerned anyone who isn't me or doesn't have a ball is invisible. Pilot is more outgoing, but still likes me best :) Which suits me. Pilot carries comparatively a lot of coat, but it's good quality and not obnoxious. Marsh...
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    Protocol for Relaxation

    For pet dogs/pet owners, I absolutely let them/have them talk. Often the owner needs that outlet, they're going to talk to the dog so I'm going to direct them in how to do it most effectively, and for a lot of dogs the verbal support can make up for the owner's lack of training skills. I...