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  1. bandaide

    Chaz Puppies of 2014

    Prim is from Blue Isle's Bourree "Junior" and Zydeco's Prosper At Shalako "Prosper" She is Cherry's sister. Prim has been amazing - loves everyone, great with other dogs and little kids, loves to train and picks up new tricks very quickly, settles in the house, plays hard outside, etc. etc...
  2. bandaide

    Chaz Puppies of 2014

    I know, I know! I was so spoiled with little miss Prim the perfect. :p
  3. bandaide

    Lodin is Still Alive, I Promise.

    His is so handsome! I love the dirty nose :D
  4. bandaide

    Chaz Puppies of 2014

    Groot came home yesterday! I can already tell that he is going to be a harder puppy than Prim, but I think I'm going to have more fun this time around. (I was so stressed with Prim!) I will eventually get around to posting more photos - and starting a bunch of threads about all of my...
  5. bandaide

    new pics

    aww, the upside down smiles are great!
  6. bandaide

    Metal Mementos

    ooo I like these, and they are very affordable! (The same price as those tags you can get at Petsmart/Petco.) I will have to think up something for the new guy.
  7. bandaide

    Chaz Puppies of 2014

    Yes, I couldn't believe it! When they were born everyone coveted the little black guy and I just gave up hope of getting him. But even with 4th pick, I was able to get him! It would have been so cool to have another Kip-Rogue puppy on the forum. I will try to share a bunch of photos so you...
  8. bandaide

    Photo Dump

    These are amazing! I love his flying pictures. He needs a superhero cape photoshopped in :P
  9. bandaide

    Chaz Puppies of 2014

    I actually wanted a boy to avoid any potential girl-girl aggression with Prim. We are getting the little black bi boy. It looks like the red tri boy and the red bi girl are still available. Kip is so cool looking isn't he? He is Prim's nephew. His mom, Cherry, is Prim's sister.
  10. bandaide

    Chaz Puppies of 2014

    I got to play with the puppies last weekend! They turned 8 weeks old yesterday, and the puppy I have been lusting over was available! Next week I will have a puppy. :yikes: The breeder took 8 week old pictures, but they are only on facebook. You can see the first 3 weeks here...
  11. bandaide

    Photos? Anyone? No?

    You take beautiful pictures! Love them all.
  12. bandaide

    Before & Afters

    Aww, I haven't looked at puppy Prim photos in forever! Here she is at 8 weeks: Prim - 9 Weeks by lindbro, on Flickr And 3 years old: Primhead by lindbro, on Flickr
  13. bandaide

    Future breeds?

    Agreed. I briefly looked at other breeds, but I just kept comparing them to Prim. I can't get another Prim, but I'm going to try to get close. I'm going with the same breeder/lines for the next pup.
  14. bandaide

    Chaz Puppies of 2014

    Just got on the breeder's list for an Aussie puppy. This will be Prim's nephew's litter. They are due in 2-3 weeks. I'm hoping for a male, any color. Yee!
  15. bandaide

    Good dog books?

    I second The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle. When I started reading it I didn't know it had to do with dogs and was pleasantly suprised.
  16. bandaide

    Pic that most embodies your dog

    <img src="" width="500" height="334" alt="Dirty Prim - 6.5 months"> Prim: usually dirty and wet, always wondering what's next
  17. bandaide

    Dear Cara

    aww, I love the big aussie tongue that never seems to fit in their mouth! How much does Cara weigh now? She's pretty small right?
  18. bandaide


    That's awesome! I have an appointment with the endodontist on Monday because an old root canal tooth is hurting. The receptionist said you can take 1000mg of Tylenol along with the 800mg of ibuprofen (they work through different pathways). Hope you don't hurt too much, and figure out a way to eat!
  19. bandaide

    After a bath, do you let your dogs roll in the grass?

    I don't have a backyard so Prim doesn't have the luxury of rolling in the grass (poor thing). She seems pretty satisfied with the crazy towel dance though!
  20. bandaide

    How old was your dog when they didn't need to be crated?

    I let Prim have free range of my (very small) apartment at 4 months, and she did amazing, until one day - about a month later - she wasn't. She tore up my books on the bottom book shelf. She is almost 9 month now and I crate her while I am away at work. I've left her out a couple of times, but I...