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  1. Skivvies

    Pefer you or a dog

    Tiffany would rather play with me. When I take her to the dog park, doesn't quite get it and she would rather follow me around than play with the other dogs. She's getting a little more adventurous over time though, and she'll occasionally go sniff other dogs. She also just prefers people in...
  2. Skivvies

    Jayne's Giant Slinger, and other photos.

    :rofl1: That first picture. I once helped wash a mastiff at a dog adoption event...when he shook off, a GIANT string of slobber flew off his jowls and stuck to my shirt. :eek:
  3. Skivvies

    If watching crime shows has taught me anything

    :rofl1: I have to admit, I'd maybe think it was a mannequin. I work in a museum and we have toooons of mannequins for displaying old army uniforms and stuff. So there are always mannequins, some of which are partly taken apart, stored wherever they'll fit...closets, the mezzanine above the...
  4. Skivvies

    do you find being called Ma'am annoying?

    I understand why it's used, and it doesn't bug me if people call me that. But I irrationally think it's an unpleasant-sounding word, along the likes of moist, chunks, ointment, seepage, etc. So basically, I don't mind other people calling me that but I try to avoid saying it myself. (I just...
  5. Skivvies

    Do you let your dog(s) off leash....

    Nope. Tiffany stays on leash unless we're at the dog park. Even though Tiffany is pretty much velcroed to me, I feel a lot more comfortable with her on the leash. There are also a lot of coyotes where I live, so I want her close to me at all times. Tiffany has been jumped by off-leash dogs...
  6. Skivvies

    Playing in the yard

    Aww I love the snowy noses! Looks like so much fun.
  7. Skivvies

    What do you do with your dog?

    Tiffany is my pet, snuggle buddy, therapist, and shopping partner. :D I think it'd be kind of cool to see what she thinks of agility, not competitive, just for fun. I also kind of like....canine freestyle. I think Tiffany and I could totally dance to Lady Gaga or something.
  8. Skivvies

    Breeds your obsessed with RIGHT NOW?

    I wasn't thinking rat terrier, but now that I looked at those pictures I can totally see it. We get a lot of rat terriers/mixes at the shelter too. Whatever she is, she's super pretty and sweet.
  9. Skivvies

    Ladies! Hair Help!

    I like the whole John Frieda Frizz Ease line, especially this one: Frizz Ease Finishing Creme. You smooth a little bit of it into your hair (while dry) to tame the frizz. I also like Aussie 3 minute miracle Use it in the shower as a conditioner once a week or so. It really leaves your hair...
  10. Skivvies

    Breeds your obsessed with RIGHT NOW?

    I'll always be obsessed with Maltese. Chinese Crested Dogs are my second biggest obsessions. As far as obsessions right now? Yorkies, Papillons, and Boston Terriers. Also this mixed breed who's at the shelter where I volunteer. Not sure what she is, they think maybe Italian Greyhound mix or...
  11. Skivvies


    I looooove Old English Sheepdogs. I used to want one really badly until I thought realistically about it (the amount of hair, the size, and the activity level were all a bad match for me). But I still totally dork out whenever I see one. My neighbors have one. Like people have...
  12. Skivvies

    Is your dog more, less or equally as active as you?

    I'm a bum, but Tiffany is maybe even more of a bum than I am. Walks usually end up with me carrying her. Tiffany is definitely more of a sprinter than a marathon runner, haha. She'll do her zoomies around the living room for a few minutes, then she'll nap for several hours.
  13. Skivvies

    Great . . . now who do I vote for?

    I agree so much. It kind of boggles my mind that birth control is even an issue. And I agree too that we need more input from women and less from men on this subject.
  14. Skivvies

    Things from your childhood that still creep you out?

    This is really weird but.......the song "Big Shot" by Billy Joel. When I was little and I heard the song at night, I'd have trouble sleeping because it scared me so much. It still makes me feel nervous. I think it's because of the "eyes too bloody to see" line and...
  15. Skivvies

    Favorite Dog Gadgets.

    I use a lot of the things listed already (Thundershirt, Yoghund, Hide-a-Squirrel...) but here are some others... The Hol-ee Roller It's so cute watching Tiffany push it around and try to get the treat out. Outward Hound Pet-a-Roo carrier I just got this. I'm planning on doing a...
  16. Skivvies

    Fun things from your childhood that you still love. :)

    My Little Pony! I still have all my old ponies from childhood. Not gonna lie, I take them out and brush their hair every now and then. The new series (Friendship is Magic) is soooooo well done and I suggest it to anyone I know who has daughters. The cast is pretty much all female, and unlike...
  17. Skivvies

    Chicago anyone?

    I loooove Giordano's but I need to throw in a word for Lou Malnati's as well. Their "The Lou" pizza is amazing...mushrooms, spinach, sliced tomatoes, garlic, and a blend of cheeses.
  18. Skivvies

    Chicago anyone?

    Wheaton is where I live now. It's a really nice little town, although I wouldn't mind moving to a burb that's closer to the city one day (Oak Park would be my dream, love that place). Loyola's campus is far north within the city (Rogers Park I think?) so the traffic and stuff isn't as bad...
  19. Skivvies

    Things from your childhood that still creep you out?

    Ahh I remember that! It was creepy. But this series of skits terrified me the most: I was TERRIFIED of the part where the baker falls down the stairs, and it still makes me feel really creeped out and uncomfortable. Watching the counting stuff that leads up to...
  20. Skivvies

    Show me your childhood picture's!

    Baby: Toddler: (putting makeup on my grandma's Westie, Happy) Kid: Teenager: Now: