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  1. Lizmo

    The Dan Picture Thread

    I haven't been active lately (no time!) but I have peeked in here to look at pictures of miss Feist. She is ADORABLE OHMYWORDIMDYING!
  2. Lizmo

    Petcurean Now! Fresh

    I, too, got it on sale and really liked it! I would love to feed the Now all the time, but the price is just too high.
  3. Lizmo

    Ella's Lead collars?

    Erm, don't you mean Paco Collars? Unless they had both.
  4. Lizmo

    Ella's Lead collars?

    Vegan feels alot like a very worn in leather. However, it does stretch alot when the dog pulls, so you have to watch that. I had an EL vegan, but sold it when I realized leather could do everything the vegan could. I don't see a reason to spend $50 on vegan when for a little more I could get...
  5. Lizmo

    Nola's Paco Collars!

    My two favorite colors! Love them both! :D
  6. Lizmo

    Ella's Lead collars?

    I will not support this company, either. I purchased a leather collar from them (my first 'legit' leather collar) and it bled. It got wet when I was bathing Lizzie and it bled alot. I'm very glad it wasn't actually on her. They did give me a refund, thankfully, but the way it was worded was...
  7. Lizmo

    Any Ontario dock dog folks?

    No, you don't have to register with a club to get club titles. You just have to have a World Wide membership with DD. For example, I'm not part of any Club. But I am a World Wide membership holder. So at the CLUB event we're attending in 2 weeks I hope to finish up his Senior and/or Master...
  8. Lizmo

    Any Ontario dock dog folks?

    You can have two different types of membership. World Wide membership and Club membership. World Wide is for National events meaning you earn National titles and DD themselves put on the event, versus a Club event where you earn Club titles and the club does most of the event work. DD Canada...
  9. Lizmo

    The Dan Picture Thread

    Eeeee, so adorable!! :D
  10. Lizmo

    Any Ontario dock dog folks?

    So glad you both enjoy it! And hey, you've got a youth handler in the making, right? :p Unfortunately the season is winding down here, even in the south. Just not a ton of events. You might try looking for indoor events, though. Just FYI, start looking to purchase membership in the...
  11. Lizmo

    Any Ontario dock dog folks?

    Yay you guys!!! Awesome job!! Love that he went back into the water on his own. Get membership next season and start getting titles on that boy, yo! Was this a weekend long competition?
  12. Lizmo

    Any Ontario dock dog folks?

    You don't have a wire kennel that folds down? Xpen? You can always take apart a Vari kennel if that's what you have then put it back together when you get to the event. Usually sporting goods stores (like Dick's, Academy, etc) have tents for around $50. The other thing is, do you know...
  13. Lizmo

    Flying with dog in cargo.. help!

    Semi-off topic: do you not have to worry about heat if/when they fly cargo? How does that work?
  14. Lizmo

    Wally, Wally, Walter

    It's like Journey version 2.0! He's seriously adorable!
  15. Lizmo

    I really DO love Paco Collars. Customer Service is A+

    I'm telling you, I really have no desire most of the time to check out other leather companies. Paco is just that good. I've never been disappointed in them. I can't wait to see if on him!
  16. Lizmo

    Oy Pacos....

    I have 2 chocolate leather collars. Both look fantastic after worn and its definitely my favorite color.
  17. Lizmo

    The dog musing/vent thread

    Blaze is away this weekend at a dock diving event while I'm at the beach. It is SO weird not having him with me! I don't leave till tomorrow morning and I've caught myself so many times looking for him in my room, almost talking to him, and wishing he was starring at me when I had scraps...
  18. Lizmo

    Nola's New Bling!

    She looks beautiful in purple! :)
  19. Lizmo

    Any Ontario dock dog folks?

    Definitely. At large, crowded events you just have to be more watchful, but it's totally doable. They've have a 4ft leash rule and a no closer than 8ft line-up rule. These haven't been very enforced in the past, but I've heard this season they've really stepped up the game and are enforcing...
  20. Lizmo

    Car Suggestions

    Just FYI, my dad has this car (same year even, I think) and it's not a car he drives beyond to work and home. He just doesn't trust it. My main point in posting was about the A/C bit. The heat doesn't work either. Actually, I think this is a problem many Taurus people have to deal with as a...