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    Comment by 'daisyzbabes' in media 'ma1'

    very cute, we have parti-colored poms too, see peyton and tippie on my albums. these pups are really good little dogs. great shot here of a real doll
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    Comment by 'daisyzbabes' in media 'Yorkie Poos'

    What a cutie, but look at those ears!!
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    Comment by 'daisyzbabes' in media 'Cody'

    what a beautiful pomeranian. very sharp. check out my peyton, he is new here.
  4. peyton_at_7_months1


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    Comment by 'daisyzbabes' in media 'Peyton at 7 months'

    will have more pix later, just wanted all to see what a pretty boy Peyton is. And he is so good.
  6. Peyton at 7 months

    Peyton at 7 months

    This is our pride and joy. If you can find all the other photos here in our albums, you will see that he is very different from his Ancestors. Daisy Mae, the fawn Chihuahua is the Grandmother of Peyton, Tippie Sue, the other "strange looking critter" or parti-colored pom in the older...
  7. 18 days old now

    18 days old now

  8. Tippie's eyes are open, and so is her mouth!

    Tippie's eyes are open, and so is her mouth!

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    Comment by 'daisyzbabes' in media 'Tippie'

    :cool: Yeah, I had a good teacher, mama runs her own little zoo. HI MOM! :)
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    Comment by 'daisyzbabes' in media 'Tippie, the teeny one'

    thank you, we are very proud of her, watch for more from her as she gets a little older, she is sure to be a little heartbreaker.
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    Comment by 'daisyzbabes' in media 'Tippie, the teeny one'

    please check my gallery for the rest of the litter, they are all cute.
  12. Tippie


    This is my little teeny queen. She is 11 days old, and just as laid back as she can be. Yes, she is a dog, not a ferret, squirrel, monkey, raccoon, etc...LOL...Her mother is a registered teacup chihuahua, fawn color, and her daddy is a registered toy pomeranian, creme sable...I don't know what...
  13. group nap

    group nap

    This is the best shot I currently have of all of them, and I am not sure you can see them clearly. These babies were born Oct 12, 2005, and all were born smaller than a mouse, except for the darkest one, we call her BB, because she is a BIG B#@%H! LOL
  14. The girls

    The girls

    This is Tippie and "BB", and there is one more female in the litter, a light creme color shorthair, she is visible in one of the other group pics, but she would not sit still for a shot with her sisters, so we just got these two in this one.
  15. the boys

    the boys

    We only got two males this time, and here they are. One fawn who looks just like Daisy, and the other one solid white, but NOT albino...they will be very small dogs.
  16. the wild bunch

    the wild bunch

    if you look closely, you will find FIVE babies here. And no two of them are the same.
  17. Tippie, the teeny one

    Tippie, the teeny one

    This is my prize baby from this litter of five, from Daisy and Austin. We have no idea why she looks like a ferret, raccoon, chinchilla, or any other type of animal other than a dog, but isn't she the cutest?
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    Comment by 'daisyzbabes' in media 'ME & ROXI' i see that there is actually a dog with bigger ears than my Daisy has...LOL...she is a cutie.
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    Comment by 'daisyzbabes' in media 'my new chihuahua puppies'

    Congratulations!! And so goodness, my Daisy's last litter she had four, but one died at birth, so sad. The poor mommie of your pups must be worn out. Check out my gallery and you will see my babies...really sweet pups you have there...cudo's
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    Comment by 'daisyzbabes' in media 'toy hog'

    yeah, she's adorable, but those are NOT all her toys, she steals from her brothers. LOL