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  1. Rough_Collies2008

    River Pictures

    I love your pictures. Gorgeous dogs, and gorgeous photos.
  2. Rough_Collies2008

    Movie shoot take 3 (the warmer version)

    Dekka is just gorgeous! Fantastic pictures, how fun to be there and watch the movie being made.
  3. Rough_Collies2008

    To treat or not to treat

    I am on the fence about this. Part of me feels, if the entire family really does not want him to go through with Chemo. Then yes, it is their decision, and they have every right to decline it. I am not well-versed with alternative medicines, so I can't say much about that. However, the other...
  4. Rough_Collies2008

    Finn has joined the legions of...

    Even with the cone he is gorgeous! Poor guy though, Riley had those 'sad eyes' right afterwards too. Definitely sends you into the guilt trip LOL I feel rather lucky *knock on wood* that Dawson does not try to hump, nor does he mark in the house. Now on walks.....he marks just about...
  5. Rough_Collies2008

    Newborn collie goodness!

    Ack!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! There is just something about Collie puppies.....So dignified, so young:D
  6. Rough_Collies2008

    Hotmail problems anyone?

    I was having problems yesterday logging in. Everytime I would sign in, it would take me right back to the 'sign in' page. No issues today though, I do think something is up.
  7. Rough_Collies2008

    Spring horses

    And here are the pictures of Texas from March. I need to get some more recent ones of him. Charlie needs a turn too. His cute lope:
  8. Rough_Collies2008

    Spring horses

    I thought I would update with some recent pictures of Tex and Taylor. The pictures of Texas are actually from March(as he is still in his winter coat there). He is officially three years old this month. I pulled Taylor's mane today, and got as much mud off as I could from the recent rain...
  9. Rough_Collies2008

    Rose being cute (Very very cute

    I LOVED it, fantastic pictures!!! She is simply stunning.
  10. Rough_Collies2008

    Latest foalie pics..

    She is gorgeous!!! Look at those big eyelashes, reminds me of Taylor's. Love the foal pics, and looking forward to updates!
  11. Rough_Collies2008

    Collie size

    My four all range in size. Riley is the largest at 84 pounds (just weighed him today, and he somehow he put on two). He is very tall and long though. He is almost the same weight of my St. Bernard who passed away in 2006. She was very small for a saint, but it did help her live to be 13...
  12. Rough_Collies2008

    Losing hair, bumps on nose

    Thank you so much for the feedback! The plastic bowls will be replaced immediately. I am taking Aspen in next week for a yearly exam, and I will go ahead and bring Angel in if it does not look better for a skin scraping. I will also ask for the fungal culture (I am so thankful I put this...
  13. Rough_Collies2008

    Just a little Dawson(and a few Angel) pics

    These were taken earlier today and yesterday. I can't believe the pups are 9 1/2 months! Angel is 40 pounds now(she finally made it!), and Dawson is around 65-70 pounds. Anyway, Dawson had some one on one today, and I snapped a few new pictures of the big guy...
  14. Rough_Collies2008

    Losing hair, bumps on nose

    I have not sprayed my property with anything recently. However, when we go on walks, she often puts her nose in the grass and will walk around like that. It is possible someone else around here could have sprayed.
  15. Rough_Collies2008

    Losing hair, bumps on nose

    The bowls are plastic and stainless steel. I didn't even think of that. She does dip her nose into her bowl and 'splashes' the water around with it(as well as her paws...). It is cleaned often because of that(yuck, dirty paw water). Also, she has found a hole on the acreage and has begun...
  16. Rough_Collies2008

    Chance brag!

    Great job! Chance looks like a beautiful, well behaved boy!:cool:
  17. Rough_Collies2008

    Losing hair, bumps on nose

    Angel has had this issue with her nose for the last few weeks. At first, I thought it was a scratch from her sticking her nose into the ground (she sticks her nose in everything...she is a lawn mower on walks). However, it hasn't gone away, and doesn’t seem to be improving. I took her to...