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    Is grain free bad?

    I go for the dog suiting, on poo easy to pick up..not too smelling and not huge although that depends if a dog needs more fibrous food. Does your dog smell? If so I never think the food suits...dogs shouldn't smell and having rehomed one that stunk to high heaven then I knew the food didn't...
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    How to protect the joints of large dogs

    Golden paste, from The Golden Paste Company, along with cbd oil, and Yumove tablets have transformed my dog. Not long after I got him aged 5 he spent over a week as an in-patient in the vets, on Methadone where he was in so much pain from an arthritic elbow flair, he couldnt walk at all. Last...
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    CBD for dogs?

    You are allowed to use dog paw cream and other products. Make sure that it is a lab-tested product. Still learn about your state laws.
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    How do you wash your pet?

    I bath Ollie every 4-6 weeks as he needs to be clipped around this time so he gets bathed at the same time. If he gets muddy, I just rinse him off with no shampoo.
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    yo watsup from canada : searching info about teaching assistance dog as a profession

    Hello and welcome. Dont know if somebody who working/teaching dogs will say you about his salary;)