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    Rough Play = Bad?

    Hmmmm...I kinda have a problem with neutering. It always seemed unethical, IMHO. Would doing that just reduce his aggression a bit, or is it critical for all but the most experienced owners?
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    Rough Play = Bad?

    *Phew* Thanks guys, I'm trying to use a lot of positive reinforcement as well, so I give him lots of praise for just licking my hands or rolling over for a belly rub (he LOVES Otherwise his training is going pretty well, he'll sit on command (read somewhere that its good to...
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    Rough Play = Bad?

    So I've had my akita mix for a two weeks now (hes 8 wks old), and he was quiet for the most part, until a friend came over and played some rough and tumble type games with him, now all he wants to do is snap at everything that passes by, and chew on my hands, feet, clotes etc. Yelling at him...
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    Choosing a puppy (Akita/German shepherd)

    Just a little update, here's a pic of my Yoshi, at 6wks right before I brought him home. So far he's doing okay, had his 1st shot and worm meds today. He has what I'd call a mildly assertive temperament. He's been testing us with little ankle bites and somewhere I read that yelping at him will...
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    Comment by 'Tengu' in media 'Their gram'ma'

    Oops..I lost the pics of their parents, but their dad looks just like Cassie (granma)
  6. Yoshi, again

    Yoshi, again

  7. Yoshi (1st Akita)

    Yoshi (1st Akita)

  8. Yoshi (1st Akita)

    Yoshi (1st Akita)

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    Choosing a puppy (Akita/German shepherd)

    Hey, this is pretty neat! They weren't in the mood for doing much, unfortunatey, but here's some pics anyway.
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  11. Puppies 2

    Puppies 2

  12. Their gram'ma

    Their gram'ma

  13. Puppies


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    Choosing a puppy (Akita/German shepherd)

    Hey all, I'll just take this opportunity to introduce myself as a new member and novice owner here. A friend offered me one of his akita's latest litter of pups. Right now they're a month old and all healthy. Btw, technically they're 3/4 akita (the mother was pure, father has a mixed ancestry...