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    hibi scrub how do i use it?

    right took duke up the vets abt his cut on foot got antibotics for him and hibi scrub, didnt here the women explainnig to me how to use it. she said make a pink paste? then wot leave it on or wash it on? also any other way so i can give him his tablets i tried hiding it strong smelling...
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    wots this on his foot?

    hes going to the vets 2moz, just still wonder wot it is?
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    wots this on his foot?

    photo? [/IMG] does it work?
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    how to post a picture

    i need to show a picture of my dogs paw as its got a pink lump on his paw, how can i post a picture on my forum?
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    wots this on his foot?

    how how can i post a picture?
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    wots this on his foot?

    hi i have noticed a thing on his paw at the bottom, his front left paw, its gone pink and he keeps licking it, its like something is grown on it. you can see on the picture a pink thing, hes licking it more and making it more sore? wot could it be, is it a vet visit dont know how to...
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    wots this lump?

    hi my 1 yr 6 month old dog has got a lump on his right side near his spine, i only noticed it yesterday. its abt the size of a cherry stone and when you touch it you can move it around a bit. when he stands you can see it sticking out a bit any ideas wot it is? hes seeing the vets on...
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    new lead but!!!!!!!!

    hi all so i finally went and spent the money on a gentle lead (halti around mouth) and wot a great thing. as soon as i took him outside he stopped pulling which is great for me as i am 40 weeks pregant and pulling me so bad. i have 2 problems with the new halti. 1: he is still trying to...
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    he hardly drinks water

    hi my 1yrs old cross breed dog hardly drinks any water. 2day he has drunk no water. and most days he dont even drink a cup full. i dont know why he dont like to drink water, i have tried giving it to him in a cup and he will only drink abt quater of a cup, i have tried shower water. he is...
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    can i feed him raw egg??

    hi so im trying to make my dog fatter as you can still see his spine (see another thread i wrote) and someone said try raw egg??? can they eat this?? do i leave the yolk whole or stir it ??? or is it best to cook the egg???
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    he keeps biting his nails

    hi all well my dog keeps biting his nails and ruining them i have trimed his names the other day for the fisrt time and that went ok. but where he is biting them he is making them all ruff and looks ruined. i tell him to stop and he does but he does it when im not looking. anyone know...
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    dogs fighting

    so im posting this message for my mate, he has a staff abt 1 yrs 7 months and also he has his son who is abt 5 months old now. the problem is the dad is always trying to hump the puppy and the puppy dont like it, they are always fighting and the dad always wins, how can i stop the dad...
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    how long will it take him to get fatter?

    hi i mean i give him 3 tins + 300 grams twice a day and he seems to eat that.
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    how long will it take him to get fatter?

    hi i wrote a thread yesterday abt my underweight dog as i can still see his backbone, so 2day i went to shop and got him more tins of dog food and biscuits, so now im am going to feed him 4 tins of meat a day plus 300 grams of biscuits (lets hope he eats it all) 2 times a day, how long...
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    question abt my dog

    i have put a picture of him in public profile camera aint that good.
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    how can i stop him from jumping up on my guests?

    hi all my dog is now abt 15 months now and still keeps jumping up on anyone who comes round, as soon as the door knocks or the buzzer rings he barkers and gets hyper and works himself up, he jumps up and just wont calm down, even if you send him in another room he just howls. any...
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    question abt my dog

    hi all just wondering if my dog the right weight for his age i know hes a cross breed and thats makes it hard to find his size he should be. hes a rhodesian ridgeback x boxer abt 15 months old now, he weights abt 4 stone 4, so abt 26.7kg. i can still see his ribs and his spine, he...
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    he wont drink water

    he is on canned now as he stopped eating dried biscuits and canned is the only thing he eats
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    he wont drink water

    so my duke is over 1yrs old and he wont drink water no more, i always leave a bowl and he wont drink it, i give him a bit of shower water and he drinks a little bit then he kinda chocks on the water even if he drinks from the bowl. i have been giving him a bit of milk but im worried hes not...
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    ear infection??????

    i have a 1 yr old rhodesain ridgeback x boxer