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    Canadian, Eh?

    LOL...bipolar December. So true. I don't mind the snow, it's the cold and wind chill I don't like.
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    I cant believe it...

    I love his eyes.
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    Chocolate chip cookies

    I love eating the cookie dough :)
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    this is so WRONG!!!

    Unbelievable she has to divorce or separate to get help for her children. to be honest,,,I would do it.
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    I'm pretty much a big nerd should look up the meaning of the word nerd...because that is not you :) I love your google calendar and plan for training. You are focused and you will succeed!!
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    I wish I could tell them how much I grateful I am

    You don't have to tell them you are grateful. I think they know :) I do believe people have guardian angels and yours are your beloved dogs.
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    I hate bra shopping

    I got so sick and tired of spending an afternoon bra shopping, I went to one of the specialty stores. The bras are expensive, but they fit great and I was in and out of the store in half an hour :)
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    Woman faces Jail over growing veggies in her own yard...

    What if she had a peach tree or apple tree in her front yard? I wonder if they would make her chop it down.
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    Okay for wedding? Y/N?

    Since you asked :) I like the dress,,but I'm not sure about the black tights. they look "heavy" Cute dress
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    You know you're a dork when....

    LOL...add me to the dork list :)
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    Would you get your pets ashes back?

    Don't tell the funeral home. When my Dad passed, the dog's ashes were buried with him.
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    Does this Make Me Pathetic?

    I'm envious you found a great picture you like for a dollar :) Pathetic? Not in the least
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    lady rear ended my car

    I agree with the others---you should get checked by a physician just in case. As someone said,,you might not notice any problems until later. And look into getting the pics from the camera in case the other woman changes her mind and says she's not at fault. A girl I work with got rear...
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    I missed a post. What was he entered in? It looked very successful :)
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    The Update From the Behaviorist....

    what's a thundershirt? How does it work?
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    Easter Pics

    I love the dress she picked out with the hearts :) Thanks for the smile :)
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    Can I have a hug, please?

    I know those days.....((((hugs)))
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    What do you order at Starbucks (or some other coffee place)

    All these drinks sounds good,,but I get the lemon poppyseed loaf.
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    Rough Night… Vibes for a friend?

    ((((vibes)))) Hopefully he's home soon
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    Kenyigirl, I have a bone to pick with you. wasn't my intent to harp on your grammar. I just never heard the word teacupiness before