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    Buster is growing!!!!!

    We got Buster at 8 weeks and took him to the vet. He weighed in at 16 pounds. 4 weeks later........back to the vet (more shots) and he was up to 31 pounds!!! Amazing how fast he is growing. I know that getting rid of his tape worms and hook worms helps. ;) He is such a happy dog now that he...
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    Help, torn ACL

    Well, my pup hasn't torn his ACL, but I just had surgery on Tuesday. Before my surgery I was back to being almost 100% except the joint wasn't stable feeling and it made me nervous to use it the same way as before the injury. After my surgery, I am healing fast. The doc says I should be back to...
  3. Miserable


    Wow! Does he ever hate the bath. He looks absolutely miserable! Hahahahaha........
  4. Nap time

    Nap time

    He wiped us both out.
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    Riot the Coyote

    He is a stunning animal. I love his black face. I want one. He makes me miss my wolf.
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    Buster is starting to show his little quirks...

    The most obvious is his desire to sit on feet. He loves to have your toes under his butt. He has also taken to the computer room like it is his personal get-away. I think he just takes after his daddy, Martoch. ;) Oh, and along the lines of his foot fetish is his need to have your foot in his...
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    Is it too soon for him to be protective?

    I keep reading the socialization answer. We take him to a dog park about 4 or 5 times a week. He plays very well with the other dogs there. We took him to PetSmart with us last night. Again, he was very good with the other dogs in the store. I mean all of them. He has NEVER had an aggressive...
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    My Favorite "Beware of Dog" sign!

    He is the biggest-est Jason Voorhees fan should see his collection of Friday the 13th odds and ends.:eek:
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    Military types?

    Hmmm........why do threads turn so ugly? I love being in the service. I absolutely enjoy the folks I work with. I never regret my decision. It has been an invaluable experience that has given me great academic skills on an operational level and my leadership skills have really improved. :) How...
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    Always wondered this about everyone here..

    I will be 35 this August. I look alot younger.........I usually get 23-24. I just look at those people in the most affectionate way and tell them I love them. I used to feel early twenties, too....until I tore my ACL at PT last month. Now I am just waiting for the surgery that will make me walk...
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    Military types?

    Well, I got pretty lucky. Where I should have to move after 3 years here, I am on a controlled 4 year tour. That will take me to the end of my obligation. Then I get to stay here as a civial servant. GS-12 isn't a bad place to start. Frankly I would rather live back in Pennsylvania, but it looks...
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    Need Cooking Help *AGAIN*

    A co-worker of mine shared a neat tip with me just yesterday about cooking ribs. I haven't tried it yet, but you can bet I will the next time. He said to cook the ribs and then place them in a cooler (no ice). Seal the cooler with some tape and let sit for 1 hour. They supposedly will fall right...
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    Please do your computer(s) a favor! (good stuff from a computer guy)

    Well, you can understand how when I perceive my husband being attacked, I get defensive. Besides, he was doing just what you claim to be advice. Anyway, no harm, no foul. :)
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    Military types?

    I am sure this has been many military types do we have on here? What branches? Professions? Personally, I am US Air Force (for about 1 1/2 more years, anyway). I do electrical engineering for the electronics warfare group. A.k.a. I design radar jamming techniques for our...
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    Please do your computer(s) a favor! (good stuff from a computer guy)

    Martoch is last person you should be weary of. As a matter of fact he used to be a moderator on a tech support site. He knows more than I could ever hope to know about computers, and I am no academic slouch. He has his own pc repair business, so be confident that the free advice he offers is...
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    Signs of an aggressive dog?

    Our yard is nothing.......we had a big roaming dog come in our house over the holidays. Right in our house!!! :eek:
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    Signs of an aggressive dog?

    Well, the kids were made to go home and one of the dogs DID attack our puppy. We called the owner and she wasn't even remotely apologetic. She said, "Sorry my dogs got loose." the end. But, she never said sorry for her dog biting our puppy or our kids having to stay inside on a bright...
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    Signs of an aggressive dog?

    WHAT!!! :eek: Tell the kids not to ride their bikes?!!!?? Why should they be punished for the people who let their huge dogs run free in the neighborhood. It is public property. Besides, we live on base and there is a leash law. Those dogs have no business being out to terrorize the kids when...
  19. Buster


    All pooped out......
  20. Buster


    Mommy her li'l baby.