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    Trick of the Week: Spin!

    Working on ours :)
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    Speaking of Koolies

    My responses should be in red!
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    Few questions for all you Koolie owners

    I tried to make my answers red but not sure it worked!
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    Our Bengal Kittens!

    I'm terrible at picking out names! I usually have something decided on and then my pup comes and doesn't fit the name.
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    What is the one thing you splurge on?

    everything for the dogs! real food, healthy safe treats, toys, sports, equipment...
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    Question for raw feeders...

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    Silken Windhounds & Long Haired Whippets

    Two SWH frequent my dog park and the lure course and they are gorgeous! I love both whippets and SWHs and would love to have one or a mix (border collie/whippet) but am afraid of their tendency to run and not come back. Sounds like they can be trained for a fairly solid recall though from what...
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    Biking and Disc with the Kooligans

    looks like you all had a blast!!!
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    Question for raw feeders...

    I do both. If I buy it frozen I don't portion out til I'm ready to use it..then I'll use what I need for that day and portion out the rest. If I buy it unfrozen I'll portion it out before I freeze it. I'll portion out for larger meals or smaller meals for each dog. I am not consistent on the...
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    Our Bengal Kittens!

    adorable!! where are they from?
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    Trick of the Week! Leg weave

    Yay!!! I need this one! Great motivation :)
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    Blegh *Whine*

    :( feel better soon!
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    Zip Tie

    He is soooooo cute!
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    Bike riding?

    more video :)
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    Bike riding?

    My girls LOVE bikejoring!!! I love it too because it's a great fun way to keep them conditioned and we can explore new places together. I have my dogs (I run one at a time) out in front of me...they are in harness and on a line attached to the front of my bike on the frame. We go as fast or...
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    Trick of the week!

    none of my girls know this one so I'll try teaching all three!
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    Picture Thread for RAW feeders!

    cool! love this! I'll start downloading some pics :)
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    Food recommendations?

    I'd recommend raw. Helped my allergic girl who has been on it for a little over 5 years and loves it!
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    Hello and Happy New Year

    Beautiful family!!!