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  1. AgilityPup

    Describe your dog(s) in 3 words

    Psyche: Perfect beyond words Simi: Pain. In. A$$. Oh... wait.. that's not what you meant...?
  2. AgilityPup

    The Venting Thread

    Worry about making YOU and your relationship happy. Your friends, if they are real, true friends, will understand that YOU need to be happy. And if spending all of the time you can with him is what makes you happy, do it.
  3. AgilityPup

    Ferret People -- Housing question

    So not even sure if I ever shared here, but I added a ferret, Woo, to our family back in the fall. We recently moved some stuff around in our house and we now have a spare room (small, office sized). I am considering allowing her free reign of that room. My only issue is it's got one heater...
  4. AgilityPup

    Early morning panoramic--- I HAVE to print this!

    Really beautiful shot!
  5. AgilityPup

    Onyx is two!

    Gawd, between your perfect dog and your amazing photogpragy it's just too much! I lurves her.
  6. AgilityPup

    Official 2015 Fitness Challenge

    Little late to join this, but my bf and I started hitting the gym hard again, and I was 221lbs last Tuesday, down to 211.3lbs yesterday! Know I'm not going to lose 10lbs every week, but I am still feeling awesome! Just had to share! Don't really have anyone else to share with because if they...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

  8. AgilityPup

    The dog musing/vent thread

    Simi would like you to know she's only about 23 inches tall, and maybe MAYBE 65lbs! (Not certain on her weight, but she's a very petite dog.)
  9. AgilityPup

    If one of your dogs could live forever...

    Psyche, because she is the perfect dog for EVERY setting in life. <3
  10. AgilityPup

    The Venting Thread

    Quoted for truth
  11. AgilityPup

    Your dog's history?

    I found Psyche (originally Marley!) on Kijiji when she was about 6 months old. She was about an hour away from me and lived in a home that literally had no yard and she was only ever out in the drive way on a flexi, minus a few walks here and there. When I went to meet her she was very timid...
  12. AgilityPup

    Not a photographer, but someone wants to pay me...

    For what it's worth, I went to school (local college) for a year for Photography and worked with local professional photographers. I have a fair knowledge of photography, what to shoot, and how to shoot it, etc. I have a local family friend that will get me to do shoots here and there...
  13. AgilityPup

    What are you getting your significant other for Christmas?

    This is quite possibly the best idea ever... At least for my guy... but... more than likely he will get:
  14. AgilityPup

    The dog musing/vent thread

    Agree with this about reactivity. As for aggression with people or dogs, the dogs my mother breeds, none of them have EVER had that issue, at least that people have told her about, and she is very involved with all puppy buyers for their entire lives. As for cats, all of ours get along great...
  15. AgilityPup

    The dog musing/vent thread

    In my experience the only difference between a standard Aussie and a Mini Aussie (if both are bred well) is the height. Originally, Mini Aussies/MASs were just small end Aussies bred down. So, both are pretty high energy, one is just smaller. :) That said, when I was still living with my...
  16. AgilityPup

    The dog musing/vent thread

    Simi has had very few interactions with kids, just because so many of her interactions with adults made me nervous. But she recently had some time with some younger boys and they threw a ball for her and she loved them.
  17. AgilityPup

    New foster Lexi playing with the boys

    LOL It's a quote from Madagascar. If you like her, does this mean she's staying?! Haha, Simi will harass the other dogs once in a while, but for the most part, she's screaming at her egg.
  18. AgilityPup

    New foster Lexi playing with the boys

    I LOVE HER, I LOVE HER. YOU HATE HER COMPARED TO HOW MUCH I LOVE HER! /mort Seriously though, she is so awesome. Also, Simi is Patton. Patton is Simi. She's always in the background with her jolly egg! lol
  19. AgilityPup

    Girly Stuff

    My Dr seems to think that I will not be getting a period, really. I haven't had one yet, and should be starting my second one since having it put in. All went well at my appointment. :)
  20. AgilityPup

    Girly Stuff

    Gah! I just want to buy inexpensive, practical thongs, is that so much to ask? Also, I am going in tomorrow for my check up re my mirena that I had put in a month ago. So far, I think I am doing okay on it. Though, I was supposed to start my period around the time they'd put it in, and never...