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  1. Buddy Dreaming about?

    Buddy Dreaming about?

    This is Budman my roommate...don't know what he's thinking about here but it made me laugh
  2. Resting by the fire

    Resting by the fire

    This is 12 year old Buddy/AKA Budman. Dogs sure have it made don't they? Hanging out by the fire takin it easy. This was taken in Jax Florida 4 days before the Super Bowl. Florida does get cold!
  3. Buddy the Dalmation

    Buddy the Dalmation

    Buddy is an inside dog now. He is 11 years old.
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    new member has traumatized doggie

    Too Bad my Dal was not there to help... He's the biggist Dal either my vet or I've ever seen... He could have protetced you little Dal... Budman is a brut... but very sweet Dal... Hope your baby feels more secure soon... Lots of luck with your Darling Dal... Tailwalker
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    Jack Russell Owner, New to This Forum

    Your Not A Jack Russell Owner! You are owned by a Jack Russell!!! ;)
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    New to Chazhound

    My name is Budman... I'm a very large liver spotted Dalmatian.. I'm 77 years old... but feel like 11 years... I live with my freind Jim... He's OK... However he does not feed me often enough... :) But I'll get over it... :D