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    Daily Dog Meals - Raw Feeding

    My setup is basically the same. I thaw 30-35# at a time and just plop it into bowls for mealtimes. I'm bad - I don't even weigh meals anymore - I just fill the bowls until the weight feels right for each dog, and adjust based on body condition.
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    Just One

    I agree- super short crops look odd to me. Long show crops look somewhat "natural" - to the point where people will come up to us and thank us for not cropping their ears. ;)
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    Just One

    Her ears are beautiful. I *think* they were done by the same cropper who did Kaylee and Poison's ears. Pro tip: Show breeders are really the only way to get ears like that. Your average "vet that crops" can't come close to that level of artistry and perfection. The croppers that the show...
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    First Snow Photos of Winter 2015

    "You mean we have 4+ more months of this white stuff? WHAT?" IMG_9272 by sizzzle_dog, on Flickr Another typical Ibizan photo. IMG_9273 by sizzzle_dog, on Flickr Seren decides that she likes eating snow. IMG_9284 by sizzzle_dog, on Flickr IMG_9305 by sizzzle_dog, on Flickr This is...
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    First Snow Photos of Winter 2015

    Well, we only got about 5-6" and it is already starting to melt. I was hoping Seren's first experience with snow would have been more epic. "Brr! My snooter has cold stuff on it!" IMG_9157 by sizzzle_dog, on Flickr IMG_9191 by sizzzle_dog, on Flickr Talla decided to go with the...
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    Breeders and Registered Names

    I've always been able to choose my dogs' registered names (if they came to me as puppies), but all had to fit the litter theme. For instance, Seren is from the Fly litter, so her name had to have "Fly" in it somewhere. I went with Kamars First Rule of Flying - which is super vague and...
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    Rare breeds you've met and less rare breeds you haven't

    Azawakh, and now I want one. Gah, they're so gorgeous!
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    How do you feel about bark collars?

    I have one for Seren. It is rarely used, but there are times when it is needed. Granted, she's a tough-as-nails dog who will bark just to bark. Normally it wouldn't bother me too much, but we have very grouchy neighbors that like to call the cops every time a dog barks, and I'd prefer to...
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    What are you currently feeding?

    Raw... and the almighty evil Pro Plan. I too see no difference in my dogs when I switch between raw and PP. They all do fantastic on both. *shrug*
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    Stacked Dogs

    Stark! Breed: Doberman Age: 20 months Sex: Intact male Weight: 95lbs Height: 27" at shoulder Stark_2124 by sizzzle_dog, on Flickr Seren Breed: Ibizan Hound Age: 7 months (6 months in photo) Sex: Intact female Weight: 47lbs Height: 23" at shoulder Seren0097 by sizzzle_dog, on...
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    Chaz Puppies of 2015

    Evil beezer puppy Seren is 7 months old! Finished her UKC championship two weekends ago, and did a killer fun run at the ASFA region 5 invitational last weekend. :) Seren0097 by sizzzle_dog, on Flickr IMG_2473 by sizzzle_dog, on Flickr IMG_1456 by sizzzle_dog, on Flickr IMG_2275 by...
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    What do you drive?

    Honda Element! I can fit three Doberman-sized crates in it (two bitch crates, one dog crate) with lots of storage space to spare. Makes it a two-seater, but that's fine with me.
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    What are your future dog names/breeds?

    Dobes and Ibizans only from here on out. As for names.... gah. I basically give up having a list, and I can't even begin to choose call names until I know litter themes. That said, I really want another eeeeevil name for my next Ibizan. Seren is short for Serenity, but we never call her...
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    Stark's Arch Nemesis... Mr. Tree

    Nope, he's been back for awhile. He's up to 7 points (including an owner handled breed win over specials, wheee!), basically just needs his majors now. :)
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    Stark's Arch Nemesis... Mr. Tree

    He loves killing this tree. Apparently he's got siblings that kill trees as well. IMG_1563 by sizzzle_dog, on Flickr IMG_1565 by sizzzle_dog, on Flickr IMG_1567 by sizzzle_dog, on Flickr IMG_1585 by sizzzle_dog, on Flickr IMG_1586 by sizzzle_dog, on Flickr IMG_1653 by...
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    CAT in Wisconsin in October

    I tried to figure out a way to make this work, and I can't. :(
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    CAT in Wisconsin in October

    I'm actually not doing anything that weekend......... I'd probably just bring Stark. Edited to add though.... Granted, it's a 6 hour drive out. That's a bit much for a day trip, and I don't remember having much luck finding decent hotels in the Racine area. Hmmmmm.....
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    FutureDog (Ibizan, Lab, Curly...?)

    I've bolded the things that, IMO, most Ibizans possess. Beezers are really, really fun dogs. They're more than just sighthounds - they use all their senses to hunt, with some natural retrieve skills mixed in as well. (This is an interesting video showing how they hunt...
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    Introducing Starbuck

    Can't believe it took you this long to into her. ;) I'm seriously SO thrilled you ended up with her, and that everything worked out. I will never stop being ridiculously happy for you! (PS you need to find your way back to Iowa soon!)