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  1. Ghoulish Tobie

    Ghoulish Tobie

    Tobie at our Bon Fire. She looks possessed
  2. Devil Dog

    Devil Dog

    Millie at our Bon Fire. We don't know whats up with the eyes. Scary
  3. Now that's Scary! Look at the size of those boogies

    Now that's Scary! Look at the size of those boogies

    Virgil The pumpkin head vampire cat.
  4. otterpreneur

    Comment by 'otterpreneur' in media 'bronkibaby&frankichristmas card'

    I love it. A falling snowflakes view of them.
  5. otterpreneur

    Comment by 'otterpreneur' in media 'Hello There!'

    "OH Mickey You're so fine... You're so fine You blow my mind ....Hey Mickey, Hey Mickey..." I would be singing that to Mickey all the time hehehe Just comes to mind when I the name Mickey.
  6. otterpreneur

    Comment by 'otterpreneur' in media 'HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY'

    Thanks and you would say that about virgil since he is your brother hehe. My adult daught left the praising message and I like to tease her about being the cats sister since I feel like they are all my kids.
  7. otterpreneur

    Comment by 'otterpreneur' in media '100_5166'

    Could they look any sadder? They know just how to play it to get all the lovin they want. Russells ase soo very smart.
  8. otterpreneur

    Comment by 'otterpreneur' in media '100_4990'

    So very proud, good puppy
  9. otterpreneur

    Comment by 'otterpreneur' in media '100_4612'

    What are thier names? They seem to be very close. AWWW Sweet Sweeet babies.
  10. otterpreneur

    Comment by 'otterpreneur' in media 'hold_paws'

    They are adorable. Are they siblings? I have 2 Russells, both female. You have great looking dogs.
  11. otterpreneur

    The possession

    Alright I managed to get the photos up. They are in another thread from the original post. To Squidbert: I have tons of photos I just have to go thru them to see if there are anymore where they are doing the same things. I would also like to thank everyone for not calling me crazy, I went...
  12. otterpreneur

    Owner shot his dogs and will not be prosecuted!

    The man was being investigated for the treatment of his dogs. There had to be something going on to warrant an investigation. 50 dogs, sounds like a puppy mill to me.Though we don't have the full story it sounds like a case of "If I can't have them no one will" I agree that the dogs are probably...
  13. otterpreneur

    The possession

    The possession photos Tillie loved to hang over the couch. TD likes to do the same thing. The last photo is of Tillies grave there is a bright orb hovering over her marker.
  14. otterpreneur

    Willow 5.23.97 - 7.4.06

    So very sorry, you have had such a heartbreaking 9 months. I hope you have a long, long relationship with Rah.


    This photo is of our Bulldog Tillie's grave marker (her favorite stick) There is a bright orb hovering over the top and to the right there is another less bright orb in the tree.
  16. TD OUR CAT




    Tillie in new home 2001
  18. otterpreneur

    The possession

    I am not a nut case I am quite sane. My husband and I have both been sane for as long as we can remember. We have experienced something very out there but have been open to the possibility that it actually did occur. In 2001 my husband and I move to a new home on 5 an a half acres. We...
  19. otterpreneur

    HELP! Life altering stuff here!

    I just saw you post Ashlea and I am so glad you made that decision. Good luck to you in the future and may you always be safe.
  20. otterpreneur

    HELP! Life altering stuff here!

    It only takes an instant to change a life. My sister's husband was not a manic depressive nor did he have to take meds for psychotic behavior. He had been a recovering alcoholic for about 15 years, clean and sober. He had a stroke and then without anyones knowledge he began using crack cocaine...