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    Need help choosing breed!

    My mom has adopted most of her dogs and shedding is an issue with her. She looks for poodle crosses that have poodle like fur. It falls out in clumps and is easy to pick up and it doesn't fall out that much.
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    Your Dogs Name: Why You Chose The Dog Name You Did

    My beagle is named Silver because she was born with one eye. We named her after the pirate long john silver.
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    Longer Lasting Chews?

    I gave my dogs a moose antler I never thought of preparing it I just gave it to them. They chewed on it and lugged it around and loved it.
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    If you feel immune from BSL - List of 75 banned or restricted breeds

    When will people realize that it is the owners not the dog. Saying that I get nervous when any dogs are around and off leash (anywhere other than an off leash park). It is the dog because they can hurt you but it is more I have no idea who the owner is and how they have trained the dog and...
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    Raw hide is the only things my dogs will play with or chew on other than socks. So if there is no raw hide in the house all our socks go missing in the back yard. They will even try to pull the socks off our feet.
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    My dog hates other dogs

    No it is aggression aggression. The vet thought he was an intact male because of his cocky attitude. He is worse off leash you can tell he is just looking for a fight. He will run around the park looking for other dogs. I took him to the park before I knew he was aggressive. That is...
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    an intro to my animal family

    Hi I have two dogs one is a pure beagle and she is a sweet gentle girl who loves everyone. They only problem is she eats everything and is getting a little chunky even though we walk for at least 45 mins a day. She is missing one eye and has been that way since birth. She runs into doors...
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    My dog hates other dogs

    It is just so sad because he is great every other way. We have him on an agility course and he loves it. He plays with my kids and loves them. He loves to walk and run behind the bike. (I take him to a parking lot on the edge of town in the late evening) I even love it when he snuggles with...
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    My dog hates other dogs

    I have just adopted a new dog. He is a Beagle X. He was starved and neglected before we got him. He actually looked more like a greyhound than a Beagle that is how skinny he was. The foster family that he was with said he was good with other dogs and that was the only requirement I had when...