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    Hi im new

    a dobie named sammie Hey lorraine - sammie must be the name for dobies. My sister in australia has a doberman and they named him samson - he is a giant! Nicknamed him sammie for short :)
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    Comment by 'mmslaman' in media 'shes wondering whats going on??'

    She's a cutie - do you have an updated pic of coco?
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    Pitbull Anyone????

    First of all - due to the bred, these guys (especially as pups) have a real need to chew. You need some HEAVY duty chew toys. When shasta was a pup she would chew thru blocks of wood. I would suggest some shank bones or big knuckle bones (from the butchers) Raw hides are ok - but it's not...
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    New to this site. HI!

    What a beautiful dog! Staffy's are great dogs and family pets. Fury will be very demanding on you for attention - but what the time you put in with her will be well worth the effort- they are very loyal and have so much love to give back. 100 fold! We had staffy's growing up and now have...
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    Pitbull Anyone????

    I'll be happy to answer any questions. :) Hi -my husband and I have a American Pit Bull Terrier, she is 3 yrs, brindle, runt of the litter but makes up at the personality end. Fire away with any questions. I grew up with bull terriers. They are a great dog for the devoted "parent" and...
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    Bed Wetting

    Thanks for the advice - did ask the vet at her last annual visit. She came out with a clean bill of health. He put it down to some change in her routine that has upset her. I don't know if I can agree to that as we have always stuck pretty close to the same schedule/ feeding times/ exersise/...
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    Raw Hides

    Interesting reading guys - My policy (regardless of what the "experts" say is everything in moderation.) Human Health experts don't even get it right for us, let alone our 4 legged friends. As long as humans continue learning previous so-called facts will continually be debated and updated...
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    Comment by 'mmslaman' in media 'It's that herding instinct'

    That's Great - Dogs remind us that there can be so much enjoyment from the simple things in life
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    Bed Wetting

    Has anyone experienced this? Shasta was house trained from day one and has always done well. We have noticed though that when she get very comfortable( Very relaxed) she will wet herself. Is there any reason for this, has anyone experienced this? She has been banned from our bed for this...
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    NEVER! I repeat NEVER give your dog apples!

    we give Shasta apples as a treat - she loves them. But then she loves all fruits and veggies, especially grapes. (is that what you call a balanced diet? )
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    Comment by 'mmslaman' in media 'English_Bulldog_for_canada_3_brindle'

    He reminds me of our dog as a puppy. When she was that small she would cry until we put her on the bed with us - she would be contect only when she was snuggled in between us. Don't you love the memories of those puppy days....
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    Comment by 'mmslaman' in media 'Bad Dad's Bad Boy'

    Beautiful Pit - great muscle tone. We have a brindle female APBT however she was the runt of her little and the last left. No one seemed to want her cause she was so small. Her personality makes up for her size though. She's alot smaller than your's though. Nice looking dog.
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    So Called Artist Abuses Animals

    Where did you hear about this?
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    Comment by 'mmslaman' in media 'What was that?'

    what type of dog is this?- with a face like that - it's hard to say no.
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    Comment by 'mmslaman' in media 'Mystic Ange Zeus Pitty 5-2003l'

    What a happy looking foursome. Pits are so faithful.:)
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    Comment by 'mmslaman' in media 'I am unique'

    Can't rate Trixie any less that exellent - Her coloring is incredible. We have a brindle Pit "shasta" don't you love the way they love life? :)
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    Does Your Dog Do Any Tricks?

    Shasta will heel, come, down etc. She also knows "slow" where she'll slow down and step gingerly. She'll also go find her "bone". If we ignore her, she will pick the "bone" up and put it in our lap. If we ignore her further she will pick up the bone and throw it at us until we pay...
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    The latest addition

    Hi everyone, only just discovered this site. I would like to introduce our little girl (can you call a 60 LB APBT little?) We've had shasta since the "early" days. She has just turned 3 but we like to call her an immature 3 as she loves to show off all her puppy attributes still. She is...
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    I guess I'm the newest member

    We had staffy's growing up - they are one of the best breeds that I have been closely associated with. We have an APBT at present - and she is a great dog! She loves her visits to the petsmart store and also looks forward to her "drive thru banking" she never fails to get a doggie treat sent...
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    On the lips??

    Shasta (3 yr ABPT) always aims for the lips! We try and be just a little quicker though and usually she kisses our neck.....much more preferable. :)