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    Some scenery

    Nice photos you got there. i love the sunset.
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    Cute Little Bugger (bird)

    what a lovely bird. great photos. Good job. :)
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    Why the trashcan lid I do not know

    Awww. she's smiling. :) the butterfly is beautiful.
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    thought I'd add my flower pics.

    Great photos! Thank you for sharing this.
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    Non-dog pictures - countryside.

    Very beautiful place. Very nice pictures. Thank you for sharing. :)
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    The Frodo and The Buzz.

    They are so cute with the ribbons. :)
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    Baby Dogs @ 2 weeks!

    They are so adorable. I love the collars too!
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    Rosey and Finn at Hog's Back Falls - The other perspective! (Another HUGE dump)

    Great photos, a very nice place, and adorable dogs. :)
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    Sunny and Serenity at the beach, first time in a while! (pic heavy)

    They love the beach! They had a great time. so happy.
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    Happy Birthday Izzie!

    Belated happy birthday Izzie. nice video. :)
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    Kung Fu Corgi.

    Oh my. now I'm singing. *everybody was kung fu fighting* ;)
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    Border collie Rory wants to be a chihuahua

    He's so adorable. Hug him for me. :)
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    Couple pics of Zander

    So cute. I love the first picture.
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    Meet Jersey!

    She's so cute! huge tongue it is! :)
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    Proof I have cats... and other photos.

    This made me laugh. hahaha. retarded and constipated. :)
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    Pool today

    They are loving the water! Nice pictures.
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    Evening/Dusk Pictures

    Great photos. Very nice sky and dog.
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    Artificially upped ears.

    Up ears! so cute. Even if it's done artificially. hihi. :)
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    52 Weeks of Izzie

    Very adorable Izzie. more Ice Cream please!
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    Post Pictures of your Dogs as Puppies

    way to go guys! very nice pictures! :)