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    Cabin Chomper

    OMG!! he is the cutest thing ever <3 seriously. those eyes and that adorable face <3
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    Oh crap! Now which one is mine?!?!?!

    beautiful retrievers :D I am sure if one of us was the owner of one (or more) of them, we would be able to tell which one is ours. People get confused about which is Snowy and which is Crystal (my two maltese), but not me or my family. They look completely different to us ;)
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    Chomper has grown.....

    awwh!! the cutest puppy!!! I love his color. His eyes are also pretty. More photos please :D
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    What blood group are you?

    I'm B+
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    Jackson camping in style, on the beach!

    It looks like everyone has a wonderful time. The pups are adorable & Jackson is a fave of mine :D
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    Anyne Having Trouble with Fetching Tags?

    I didn't face an issue with Fetching Tags. They are my favorite. We got ours as a photo contest prize (Snowy won the contest , but they also sent Crystal a free tag too). The customer service experience was positive. Having said that, this was 1.5 or 2 years ago. I don't have a recent experience...
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    Help me decided on a collar color.

    We have had these 3/4" wide collars for 6 months now and they are holding on well. Snowy has the royal purple one and crystal has the pink. They are very good for water and dirt activities.
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    Karma Collars!

    You look fab, Jackson. I personally love a 1" wide collar on Snowy. I find it boyish especially since his neck is longer than Crystal. On crystal, however, I like the 3/4" wide collar.
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    Thanks for posting this thread. Gotta order the gundogsupply collars for my water loving Maltese (the ones with the free plate name).
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    Valentines day ideas

    Haha I love this thinking as it is similar to mine...we dont celebrate it but take adventage of the candy being on sale afterwards ;) My whole family never celebrated valentines day. Want a day of love and giving? we highly encourage that; in fact , you can make it much more than once a...
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    Would you work 75-90 hours a week in exchange for wealth

    No way, especially after reading what I am currently reading in my Kindle : a book called "Mind Over Medicine" by Lisa Rankin. There is whole two chapters dedicated for this type of work style and it's dangerous effects on the human health. A very interesting book. Lots to learn. I am still in...
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    Welcome Cute photos <3
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    Hey doogie lovers! :D

    Welcome to Chaz :)
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    Canon or Nikon

    Congrats on the new camera. These are a couple of awesome shots ;) I'm happy with my Nikon D800 & dont think of trading it for any other camera ;)
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    Curly Tails anyone

    Cutie pies!!
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    Chaz Puppies of 2014

    Awwwh cuteness overload (at these puppy photos <3). I love this thread.
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    The Collar Picture Thread

    Thanks :) They sure are super fun to have around for me. Their personalities fit me perfectly. I am all for an active and sport sort of dog ;) Collar Mania have good quality collars. The snowflakes , green n white & colorful pink in the photos i posted earlier are from there. I look forward to...
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    Photo Album Help

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone of you can help me at locating a place online where I can purchase a "physical" photo album; in particular, I am looking at this type of album: magnetic albums or self stick albums having clear cover sheets In the world of digital photography, I've been...
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    The Beach is my dogs' favorite place

    Thanx for your words guys. I am glad that u enjoyed looking through these shots. I had fun watching my two monsters having a good time :D
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    The Collar Picture Thread

    Here are some of my malts' collars in pictures.. My top favorite are their vagan collars Fits perfectly with my water-loving monsters. Crystal's collar is sunshine yellow Snowy's Not only is it pretty in my opinion, but also holds well in water Diving with style...