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    Staff set on fire....

    ... ...... ok, i would lite to know if the LAZY police detectives did any prints on the dog, if, kept under heat, finger prints will show more clearly and therefore be useful. I BET THE POLICE DIDENT CHECK FOR PRINTS. ah wel, poor dog
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    Que. puppy mill bust reveals filthy conditions

    this is horific. can u imagine walking in ur urine and poo for years. i cant coment on the feeding ammounts cause theres no info. wel lets hope this never hapens again
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    this is disgusting!

    gee thats not very nice.
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    Pack of Dogs Kill Croc In Florida

    lol i thought there was really a case of dogs killing a croc lol nice pic very cute
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    WARNING! Zinc poisoning in dogs!

    hey i think on the main page u should have a topic IMPORTANT HEALTH NOTICES or something it would be much easier than having to look thorou all the sections
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    Cool animations for everybody!

    hey beagle lovegirl u said something wrong in sig u said "i dont suffer from crazyness, i enjoy every minute of it" it should be "i dont suffer from insanity, i enjoy every minute of it" srry if im being a D**K but i think thats how it goes: no offence intended
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    year of the dog

    hey i have some good programs and i think i could help keep me posted im on hotmail and yahoo so ill try and help as much as posible. i think this idea is amazing a celebration for year of the dog!!!
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    How much did you pay for your dog?

    was it worth it?
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    Dogs & Chocolate & How Much is Deadly

    gee i nover thought it was poison i thought i would just make them fat or something. i havent fed him choclate because i wasent so sure. Ty for bringing this topic up.
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    How much did you pay for your dog?

    my dog cost nothing. Im serious $0. We almost ran over him on the road, being the nice family that we are we took him in the car to stay at our house for the night. next morning we took him to the vet. he had a chip but the number on the chip must ov been wrong cause the man said"srry but my...