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  1. Paige

    This pisses me off!

    As both a dog owner and a mom I feel this situation just sucks. In a perfect world parents don't lose sight of their kids and dogs aren't left outside unsupervised. Unfortunately the world isn't perfect and stuff like this happens. I don't know how I feel about what should happen. I...
  2. Paige

    Multiple dog folks ?

    Arya never gets solo time. Bandit gets to snuggle in my bed every night without Arya though. I am not really into exercising dogs at different times. It gets done all together. They are a nice combo so I can't complain. I had to when I had Spanky and Bandit and it was exhausting. I also...
  3. Paige

    Dog parks

    It was pretty vacant yesterday so I let arya and bandit in the dog park yesterday... It went well but only because there were only two other polite dogs there. I scoped it out before entering
  4. Paige

    Chaz Moms and Moms-to-Be Chat (everyone welcome)

    I didn't even really prepare for Blake because I found 99.9% of everything just a novelty with Briggs. Blake's pregnancy flew by. Actually the whole four years since having kids has. And toddlers are weird little creatures. Blake went from being a pretty easy baby (just never wanted down) to...
  5. Paige

    Horse racing

    I think the horse world needs to get with the times. I am not 100% only use positive reinforcement but horses are still trained a lot of the time in the horse version of Cesar Milan's style. I know a lot of people in the racing industry and I hate how disposable a lot of people treat their...
  6. Paige

    The dog musing/vent thread

    I forgot to crate Arya the other night and she obviously just snoozed all night on the couch because the house was untouched and she was sleeping with her feet right up in the air. She had never tried climbing on the furniture before and now she thinks she is queen of the castle.
  7. Paige

    What's a good tug toy?

    Bandit and Arya both love tug and I'd love to build up her play drive (Bandit already has plenty). I have always just used old horse leap ropes with him but yeesh does that clip hurt when it smacks you. I'm on the hunt for a durable tug toy that has some length to it. Where do I get one? What...
  8. Paige

    Snapshot from your day

    For those of you who have been around for forever you may remember my old dog I rehomed. His name is Spanky and he is Bandit's brother. Anyways my mom is babysitting him while is owner is away and we had a reunion. It went very well. Bandit and him got along like old pals and Arya gets along...
  9. Paige

    Just need a hug or something

    Big hugs. Its so hard to have them have health issues.
  10. Paige

    Members of the fluffy dog club... are they too warm under there?

    Merlin and bandit have similar coats. Bandit gets really overheated in the summer BUT shaving him seemed to be a way worse option. His skin got burnt and he was still overheated.
  11. Paige

    Your Dog's Body Condition

    Bandit is too fat by everyone's standards and Arya is just right by everyone's except David's. Hr think s she's thin.
  12. Paige

    Is your dog graceful or a clutz?

    Thats so Arya! She is Bandit's shadow and tries so hard to copy him and yet fails so miserably.
  13. Paige

    The Good News thread

    Take me with you that sounds so fun!
  14. Paige

    Do you have "dog friends" in real life?

    No but I don't have friends besides online people. :( I'd love dog friends.
  15. Paige

    Is your dog graceful or a clutz?

    Some of those zoomie dogs are like that. Bandit was like that when he was Merlin's age too but now he's a dignified posh old man.
  16. Paige

    The Good News thread

    I passed my motorcycle knowledge test today without studying. So I can legally drive one supervised till I pass my skills test in a few weeks. THen I can fly solo. On a whim today I thought it'd be fun to have it so I'm pretty impressed I passed. I also don't need glasses to drive or ride...
  17. Paige

    Is your dog graceful or a clutz?

    My boyfriend and I were talking about the huge difference between Bandit and Arya today. I never noticed how graceful B is till we got Arya. Everything he does seems to be all about being effective. He has great coordination and rarely does something that causes him to lose his balance. He even...
  18. Paige

    what are your dogs leash manners like?

    Arya is the worst for tangling me. Bandit never does and whiles he keeps her leash loose more often she walks behind me and switches sides. Or she will switch back and forth sides with Bandit while sniffing. She irritates both of us. I'm really impressed with how fast I've taught two dogs to...
  19. Paige

    what are your dogs leash manners like?

    Are they good at loose leash walking? Do they rip your arm out of your socket? Somewhere in between? Bandit used to keep the leash taught and only pull when he saw a squirrel or other dogs. I didn't want arya doing the same as I could not physically hold them both if they reacted like that at...
  20. Paige

    How are your dogs with cats?

    Arya has never seen a cat but bandit is good if he cab meet the cat inside or if it doesn't bolt. He will chase random cats that run