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    Holdens Birthday Bash

    Thank you everyone for the compliments, Holden had a great birthday and everyone enjoyed those cupcakes!! Im so glad as they took Skki quite some time to make.
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    Holdens Birthday Bash

    Thats so awesome you started your own group! Starting my berner group has been amazing. The only tips i have for you would be to have a great site that is easy to sign up and post events to (I use as well as a facebook group. I made business cards and handed them out to any berner i...
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    Holdens Birthday Bash

    I can't believe it's been 4 years already that my berner boy has been in this world. I recently started a bernese mountain dog meet up group here in vancouver and figured his birthday would be a great excuse to have a get together. SkKi and I organized a raffle draw for prizes (top prize...
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    The Merlin thread

    Gorgeous boy!! Growing up waaaay too fast. And congrats on him being the little helper he was meant to be. What a star :hail:
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    aww sibling love

    ahhh squishy faces!! Cute
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    Happy 15th, Shamoo!! <3

    15 holy smokes thats awesome. Happy Happy birthday:D
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    The Border Collie Turns 4

    Happy birthday Handsome
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    Extreme Bubbles

    So Cute
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    Bernese Mountain Dog Overload

    Thanks everyone!! Holden was wearing his fashionable sailor print rain slicker. He was the only one wearing a jacket. Impressive considering it was POURING. I'm so thankful so many people came out even in the bad weather! Pictures of the next one for sure!!:D
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    Bernese Mountain Dog Overload

    A few weeks ago skKi and I went to the annual Toller Walk here in Vancouver BC and that got my wheels turning about berner walks. I have tried for all 3 years of owning Holden to find a meet up group for berners and no such luck. Vancouver Island has them monthly but that's of no use to me being...
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    Video - horse riding with the dogs

    BEYOND JEALOUS!!! So gorgeous, amazing horse, amazing dogs, awesome living right there!!:D
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    Journey: Puppy to Adult

    MUST STOP GROWING!! She is growing up too fast. So cute. The whole gang is too good looking for their own good
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    Two Little Dogs Enjoying Being Dogs

    Such cute and happy little fur babies. Gorgeous photos too! :D
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    Who needs ears anyway?

    Zero was so excited to see so many Pit's! Pit of course was like "whatever". He certainly is not a normal toller but it's still fun to see all of them together :D
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    Who needs ears anyway?

    A few weeks ago skKi and I went to the annual Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever walk in Vancouver BC. Needless to say Pit was the quietest one there! It's always so fun to see so many of one breed together enjoying themselves. I took a bunch of videos and put them into one video. I warn you...
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    GSD's and a Rhodesian named Abner

    Lovely action shots
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    ShaiCrew -- Healing, Zooming, Freezing Our Little Paws Off

    Gorgeous dogs and gorgeous photos. Brought a huuuuge smile to my face seeing your bunch
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    Marlin Stacked 6, 10 weeks and 3.5 Months

    Thats one big puppy. Going to be growing like a weed no doubt. So cute
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    Winter shots of the pups - pic heavy!

    That Yarrow is one seriously cool and gorgeous dog. We can't leave Jasper out of course, very cute too but holy smokes i've never seen such a neat looking pooch before. Great pictures