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  1. juliefurry

    Hi, it's me. I had a minute online. With work (I just started a second job) and my family...

    Hi, it's me. I had a minute online. With work (I just started a second job) and my family issues this is the first time in months I've been online. I just wanted to say hi. I've had so much going on that I can't even begin to start. I wanted to come online and say hi to you though.
  2. juliefurry

    I'm gone for sometime. Don't know when I'll be back. Personal problems and such. Just saying...

    I'm gone for sometime. Don't know when I'll be back. Personal problems and such. Just saying hi, it's my birthday in about 45 minutes I'll be 25 years old!!! Oh my god I can't believe it! My friends are taking me out after work tomorrow to try and cheer me up. Miss you all, peace out!
  3. juliefurry

    hey guys!

    I'll send you a present:)! Yeah Jules was mine. No, I LOVE the picture I don't have any eeyore pictures I went and hung it up over our bed right away and it matches with our bedroom and everything. I really like everything and the leash is awesome I use it all the time.
  4. juliefurry

    hey guys!

    yeah I sent my gift out, dropped it off at the post office myself and stupidly forgot to add our card. My gift went to Jules though so I hope T-bone liked it.
  5. juliefurry

    hey guys!

    yeah it's been awhile since I've last been on but right now I don't have computer access. I cancelled my internet so don't get to get on anymore. I hope everyone's doing well and I hope to come back someday. Thank you very much to my secret santa both me and the dogs LOVED your presents...
  6. juliefurry

    Grain-Free, Chicken-Free

    good now I have some suggestions too for Elwood for grain/chicken free foods too I have been looking for one online and haven't really been able to find any at the stores. He can't eat the EVO redmeat either because it has beef in it :(. I would try asking your store they maybe able to order...
  7. juliefurry

    dog with allergies.. need help with research

    we went through food allergies with our golden puppy and our vet told us dogs are more prone to getting/having allergies to beef or chicken. I don't know much about raw books but I read Grow Your Pup With Bones. That is the only book that I have read. Have you looked at websites, I used...
  8. juliefurry

    ? For Couples & Single Folks

    No, I am married and my husband does not allow the dogs to sleep in the bed with us. The only exceptions were when they were young puppies and we just got them when they would wake up during the night I would let them snuggle with me so they'd go to sleep easier. We have a queen size bed for...
  9. juliefurry

    natural thyroid treatments?

    My friend's rescued dog has a thyroid problem and I was just curious if there were any natural treatments her and her fiancee can try on him? He's a 9 year old golden and weighs about 87-90 lbs. They rescued him a month ago and we haven't been able to get ahold of his previous owners. They...
  10. juliefurry

    Chaos won't stop nursing on me!

    I would say the nursing thing he does obsessively as well. It's almost like he has obsessive compulsive disorder but he only does it to me not to Mark or my kids. I'm guessing he was a throwaway as well and just dropped off in our neighborhood because we have lots of cats that just get tossed...
  11. juliefurry

    Chaos won't stop nursing on me!

    a kitten we brought in. There was a bunch left to roam outside in our neighborhood so we took him and some other neighbors took the other ones. Oh it does I can't even touch him without him doing that. He doesn't do it to anyone but me either. He usually don't want attention from anyone...
  12. juliefurry

    Have people had problems with bad bags of canidae?

    Have you tried the different types of canidae? Sometimes Hannah wouldn't eat the regular ALL LIFE STAGES but would eat the chicken meal formula.
  13. juliefurry

    Chaos won't stop nursing on me!

    Chaos is about 5 months old now and has a quite annoying habit. I guess it could be cute though to some people. He LOVES to knead on me and then he will start suckling on my hand, arms, shirt, neck, face, fingers, hair. I mean anything I can't touch him or hold him without him suckling on me...
  14. juliefurry

    Just look at this smile...

    wow that's awesome, he's so proud!
  15. juliefurry


    Hannah had been given beef neck bones/beef ribs and she never had a problem. She never ate, or tried to eat the bones though. She'd eat any other bone except for beef (and lamb). She would strip every last bit of meat and clean the bones really good and then just leave them.
  16. juliefurry

    have I died and gone to heaven?

    I try to make the best of his time here. Usually it's just a day but we picked him up sunday and have him until friday morning so I had lots of time to spend with him. We have been doing a lot of fun projects that he's wanted to do. Although yesterday we sat for an hour and played weeble wars...
  17. juliefurry

    have I died and gone to heaven?

    My 7 year old stepson is over for the week, until friday. Last night I started cleaning for thanksgiving and I'm trying to vaccum before I make his bed. He could tell I was having a little trouble so he come out from getting his pj's on and comes up to me and goes "do you want me to vaccum and...
  18. juliefurry

    Have people had problems with bad bags of canidae?

    I haven't noticed a smell to it at all either. The only food I really notice a smell to (and it's a good smell) is the Timberwolf Organics. I think that food smells so good. Especially when you open the bag for the first time. My dogs never smell their food I don't think they just swallow...
  19. juliefurry

    kitten or sugar glider or rat? or all?! *blinks*

    I loved our sugargliders but they are just not for me they required a lot of work for how small they were. I would go with cat but that's just me.
  20. juliefurry

    Multiple Dog Owners - How do you only take one?!

    Hands down Elwood comes with us if we have to pick just one. He will be horrible if we took anyone but him and howl and complain the whole time we're gone, more than he does now. So if we go anywhere and bring anyone it's him mainly because we can't have anymore complaints about him.