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    Allegheny, PA: Sherrif shoots, kills leashed pit bull

    the thing I don't understand, is if it lunged at him, and it was restrained, then he had to of noticed that the dog hadn't latched on to him yet and there was obviously something holding the dog back. What ever happened to warning shots? Most of these shootings could have easily been avioded...
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    One word

    Argos - Curious: He has to put everything in his mouth, or smell it and wont let up until he gets a good inspection of what ever it is he has his mind set on. Mortisha - Fatty: She's a fat cat, and is very protective of her food, lol Rat-Fink - Amazing: He's just such a beautiful cat with...
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    People against multi-dog homes.

    I wish I could get another dog. I feel bad leaving argo's at home all alone when my girlfriend and I have are both out at work. It would be nice for him to have a playmate, since the cats don't want to play with him. lol.
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    "Feared for your life" are not magic words

    I don't see anything in that article to believe the dog was vicious. There was nothing saying that anyone saw this dog trying to kill this man, or any record of this dog ever having attacked anyone before. The guy probably didn't like his neighbors yippie little dog and decided that he had...
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    "Feared for your life" are not magic words

    that's terrible. a full grown man, afraid of a little 10 pound dog? I mean he could have punted the little thing and he would have been just fine. Shooting a dog that size with a .357 magnum? lol. that's a little over kill. Poor dog, it probably was just looking for tasty treats.
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    Southern California, Orange County Area

    Anyone in the Orange County area that wants to schedule play dates? I have a 15 week old bull/neo mastiff that loves to play with other dogs. I have been trying to find people to meet up with to socialize him more and to get him some play time with other dogs.
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    Playing Tug question

    I just wanted to make sure I wasn't encouraging bad behavior. I had heard that growling while playing tug is a bad sign and should be stopped immediatly. But since he's just playing I don't see the harm in it. Thanks for the help.
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    Playing Tug question

    When I play tug with my neo/bull mix puppy, he has been growling alot when he gets excited. Is this something I should be worried about? (I.E. should I take it as aggression.) Or is it just him saying he's having fun and to keep playing? He doesn't try to bite me after he drops his toy when I...
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    Rolling on necks

    maybe she's just trying to show you that she approves of you, and is trying to give you some early morning love. lol
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    fathers hug your daughters

    Thinks like hugs and kisses really do make an impact on your life. I can still remember the day my mom stopped telling me she loved me and stopped hugging me on my first day of preschool. As for my father, he was never hands on, I only had less than fond memories of him as a child. Neither of...
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    Does your dog ever...

    Argo's has taken it apon himself to learn the "roll over" command. When ever I go to feed him, I make him sit, then lay, give me one paw, then the other (I switch up asking for right and left, just so he doesn't just get into the swing of things and think that "left" is always first), then I...
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    Pick Up Lines

    my friend used the line: "if you were a dinosaur, you'd be a babe-a-saurus" and the lady asked him if he wanted to dance, and then things went a little farther. with a line like that?! lol
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    By Nature cat food?

    we feed our cats Tiki Cat, they seem to love it. They don't seem to have any problems on it, and they gobble it down before I can get it all out of the cans, lol. it's all fish based (which a friend of mine tells me fish is terrible for cats, I dunno if I believe that)
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    Hi, I have a young husky

    he's so cute
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    Head you win, Tails you lose

    Personally, I think that if you really want to mangle your dog by cropping their ears or their tail, then that's your choice. It's your dog, if the dog doesn't mind, then that's all that matters. I on the other hand, have always and will always refuse to crop any part of my animals unless...
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    How did you name your animals?

    How did you come up with the name for your animal(s)? For me, my girlfriend named our black cat (morticia), she had her before I knew her. Our russian blue cat, I named Rat-fink because it was the first name that popped into my mind. As for Argo's, we all helped name him. We wrote down all...
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    My neighbor warned me.

    once my puppy is full grown, just the sight of him should scare off any intruders, plus with have security camera's that watch the front door and driveway and street in front of our house. you might want to look into getting one or two, or even a fake one. when people see camera's, they...
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    A girl and her tortoise

    just make sure your niece doesn't get any paints out to "decorate" speed bump, lol.
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    Puppy Snoring

    luckly at the moment he only snores right before he starts kicking and barks all muffled in his sleep. He also has the hic-up's when ever he wakes up out of a nap, lol. Luckly im a heavy sleeper, so the snoring doesn't bother me much. My girlfriend on the other hand, gets woken up by him from...
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    Opie pictures

    I love the last picture of him running, lol.